The composition of the group "Ivanushki International" - the first and the new (photo)

Ivanushki International is one of the most popular groups in our country. During their 20-year history of existence, these guys were able to gain popularity and love of millions of Russian girls. The composition of the Ivanushki International group has changed several times. Who are its participants today? You will learn about this from the article.

The first composition of the group ivanushka international

History of group creation

The official date of foundation of Ivanushek International is November 10, 1994. The group did not immediately receive its name. At first, the guys performed as the Soyuz-Apollo trio. The first members of the Ivanushki International group are Igor Sorin, Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov and Kirill Andreev. At that time, their songs were not popular, and the fans did not line up in crowds in front of the entrance to the concert hall.

Six months after the formation of the trio, the sonorous name "Ivanushki International" appeared. The poet Herman Vitke helped the guys in this. He came up with only the first part of the title, and the author of the second part is the producer Igor Matvienko.


The above-mentioned composition of the group "Ivanushki International" got to work. Two years later, the trio released their debut album, titled "Of course he is". It included the songs "Ring", "Somewhere" and "Clouds", which later became hits and brought the group unprecedented popularity. These songs were played at discos all over the country.

The second album, Your Letters, was released in 1997. It included original compositions as well as cover versions of songs popular in past years. Among them are "Little Sister", "Aleshkin's Love" and so on.

In 1998, the composition of the Ivanushki International group changed. Photo The fans were no longer seen on the posters of Andrey, Kirill and Igor. Sorin decided to pursue a solo career. But this did not mean that Ivanushki International ceased to exist. The line-up of the group has not changed from a trio to a duet. The place of Igor Sorin was taken by a fair-haired guy of short stature Oleg Yakovlev. At that time, the song "Poplar fluff" appeared in the group's repertoire, which subsequently repeatedly occupied the first line in the Russian Radio chart. At first, the fans did not want to accept Oleg, they demanded the return of Igor Sorin, who fell in love with them. But a nice and nice guy still managed to melt their hearts.

"Golden" composition of the group "Ivanushki International"

A year after the appearance of Oleg Yakovlev, the trio released the album "Fragments of Life". The participants decided to dedicate it to the memory of Igor Sorin, who crashed to death. Some of the songs were written based on the lyrics of the former soloist.

In April 1999, Andrei, Kirill and Oleg released their third disc, which was called "I will shout about this all night." The song of the same name was performed by the red-haired "Ivanushka".

In the period from 1999 to 2005, two more albums were released, containing new compositions and cover versions of their favorite songs.

the composition of the ivanushka international group

Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov

The red-haired soloist of "Ivanushek International" was born on July 26, 1970 in the sunny city of Sochi. His father is a surgeon, and his mother held the position of administrator of the winter theater.

At school, Andrei was seriously fond of table tennis. He participated in competitions and often won prizes. Years later, our hero even became a candidate for master of sports in tennis. But Grigoriev-Apollo always considered music to be his main hobby. Since childhood, he attended a music school, where he studied piano.

Behind Andrey's shoulders training at the Academy of theatrical art, work as a model and director of theatrical performances for children. In 1992, the red-haired "Ivanushka" went to the USA, where he lived for 2 years, performing in a musical on Broadway. He soon returned to Russia and became a member of a youth group.

ivanushki international group composition

Kirill Andreev

The dark-haired soloist of "Ivanushki" was born on April 6, 1971 in Moscow. His father worked as a builder, and his mother received the profession of a printing engineer. Kirill spent his childhood in Kuzminki. There he went to a regular school, and then to a technical school. In 1989, the guy was taken into the army. Two years later, Andreev returned home. The guy immediately signed up for the kickboxing section. In a short time, Kirill managed to create a magnificent athletic figure. This allowed him to build a successful modeling career. In 1993, Natalia Vetlitskaya introduced him to producer Igor Matvienko.

group composition ivanushka international photo

Oleg Yakovlev

The blonde from Ivanushki International was born on November 18, 1969 in the Mongolian city of Choibalsan. There his parents went on a business trip. The family returned to Russia when Oleg graduated from the first grade. The Yakovlevs settled in Irkutsk. In this city, our hero went to an ordinary school and attended a music school several times a week (in the piano class).

Having received a diploma from the Irkutsk theater school, Oleg went to Moscow. In the capital, Yakovlev submitted a document to GITIS. By distribution, he got on the course to Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

In 1998, the producer of the Ivanushki International trio became interested in him. The composition of the group changed at that time. Oleg was suitable in all respects: fair-haired, short, with a pleasant voice and musical education.

The composition of the ivanushka international group kirill turichenko

Continuation of career

In 2005 Andrey, Oleg and Kirill finished work on the album “10 years in the Universe”. The sales volume of the disc did not meet the expectations of the producer and the musicians themselves. Unfortunately, Ivanushki's career began to decline. But there is nothing to be surprised at. Indeed, many groups have appeared on the Russian stage, the soloists of which are young, beautiful and talented guys.

In 2010, a documentary film was released, telling about the history of the emergence of "Ivanushek International", as well as about the group's path to success. Only creative moments were highlighted in the picture. And the details of the personal life of the soloists were revealed in the program "Star Relatives", aired on "Channel One".

By 2012, the group's creative piggy bank consisted of 13 released albums, dozens of hits and hundreds of concerts. Photos of Andrey, Oleg and Kirill adorned the pages of popular magazines. But in the same year, Yakovlev announced his retirement and the beginning of a solo career.

Ivanushki international new line-up of the group

Ivanushki International: new line-up of the group

The fans were very upset because of the departure of Oleg Yakovlev. But that is his decision. In 2012, the composition of the Ivanushki International group changed again. Kirill Turichenko - this is the name of the new soloist. He was born on January 13, 1983 in Odessa. From an early age, the guy attended music and theater schools. In 2002, Kirill got a job at the Odessa Comedy Theater. Turichenko has been involved in more than 500 performances and musicals.

In 2006, his solo career began. The guy took part in Eurovision and performed at various festivals. In his native Ukraine, he released several solo albums and starred in a dozen clips. In 2012, Kirill Turichenko moved to Moscow and was invited to the Ivanushki International group. He took the place of Oleg Yakovlev, who voluntarily terminated the contract.

In conclusion

Now you know the current composition of the Ivanushki International group. We wish the guys creative success and prosperity!

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