How to have a cheap rest in Sochi?

How to have a cheap rest in Sochi?

  • It depends on when to rest. In winter, in the ski resort of Rosa Khutor, prices rise, while in Sochi itself, on the contrary, they go down. In the summer, a different picture. Down by the sea on the coast, prices are soaring, and Rosa Khutor offers quite affordable prices for its elite hotels. From Sochi to Rosa Khutor on a comfortable train "Lastochka" less than an hour's drive.

    The conclusion is that you can have a cheap vacation in Sochi all year round!

    In search of housing in the private sector, I recommend using the site "savage-sochi.rf", where private traders submit their ads.

    In Sochi, the weather is beautiful all year round, but February is considered the coldest and wettest.

    How to have a cheap rest in Sochi?

  • Ride a motorcycle with a tent, pit it in the vicinity of Sochi. Eat in canteens (not cafes, but canteens) or fresh vegetables and fruits. Take a beach shower. I saw people who have such a rest, and with small children. For me - horror, but for them - extreme.

  • If you want to relax in the city of Sochi at the lowest prices, you need to go under your own power and live, as it were, as hares near resort places where you have to pay for almost everything. Also, eat shopping in stores, and not in restaurants, where prices are greatly inflated.

  • How to have a cheap rest in Sochi?

    Easy, if, of course, the main thing for you is CHEAP in the truest sense of the word. As you know, Sochi is one of the resort towns of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Compared to Crimea, Sochi and its environs are better equipped, if only because the Olympics were recently held there. Of course, there are hotels of different classes, and you can also rent private accommodation.

    Although I was in Sochi twice (but for a very short time - only two days in total), I would very much like to go there again, to see its sights better. I even planned such a trip for the near future - but not destiny, you need to buy a car, otherwise why did I study for driving license then.

    In short, I have fresh reliable information from one travel company. You can have a cheap vacation in Sochi NOW, namely from the end of January to April 30. I was offered a hotel with a price of 1300 rubles. per day with three meals a day (buffet). Multiply by the number of days plus travel (about 10000 rubles - round trip by train) from the center of Russia. Well, we also need funds for entertainment. In the summer, the price for everything will increase several times.

    As for resting in Sochi in spring, this is a very good option - sunny, warm, everything is blooming - beauty is impossible, there are relatively few people, excursions and impressions are above the roof. There is only a sea for swimming. You just need to book a hotel online and buy train tickets.

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