Why is it impossible to walk, lie down, relax on the lawn in Russia?

Why is it impossible to walk, lie down, relax on the lawn in Russia?

  • Walking, lying and running without damaging the grass is possible only on the "English lawn". Such a lawn has been created for 100 years (watering and mowing). The sod thickness of such a lawn is more than a meter. Therefore, it recovers very quickly.

    We don't have such lawns. In 100 years these can and will be grown. But only in the south. Then rest as much as you like.

  • In principle, the lawn is designed to decorate the urban street landscape and is often part of the flower bed. It would not even occur to me to walk through this. But there are lawns, not lawns, but simply meadows in parks, next to paths on which the grass is sown or grows by itself.

    So, since the question is posed in the form "Why is it impossible ...?", And not "Why is it forbidden ...?", I dare to remind you that dogs run around the lawns (in any case, it happens, at least in winter), the undeniable traces left by them testify to the World Cup. And that's why just not every risk taker dares to set foot on the "mined" territory.

    If the lawns are still somehow cleaned, then such glades are only in St. Petersburg, it seems to me they are cleaning. Maybe I'm wrong. Therefore, there you can see mothers with children and young people. And, mind you, they are not pigs, because then they themselves will have nowhere to go.

  • Russia is not Europe. And we still have a lot of prohibitive measures, even from the Soviet times. I remember how Professor Preobrazhensky was indignant: "Why was the carpet removed from the front door?" And this is from the same series. Not quite literate and cultured people came to power, and people carrying this culture emigrated from Russia.

    Hence all sorts of prohibitions: "Do not walk on the lawns", "Do not hug in a public place" and so on. In addition, in Russia, due to the climate, it is difficult to maintain lawns in proper condition. Therefore, it is easier to prohibit))) But still, more often such prohibitions can be seen in unique parks, in the territories of museums, near the Alexander Garden.

    Why is it impossible to walk, lie down, relax on the lawn in Russia?

    But in other countries such a prohibition exists)))

    Why is it impossible to walk, lie down, relax on the lawn in Russia?

  • I would answer this question like this: "Why is it impossible to walk, lie down, relax on the lawn in Russia?", I think that this and similar bans appeared in Russia for the following reasons:

    • Many people in Russia are not inclined to take care of anything if it is not their personal property.
    • Probably there was already such a practice in the past, which led to the appearance of this prohibition.
  • It is impossible to walk on Russian lawns because our word "lawn" does not mean at all what is commonly understood, for example, in Europe or the United States of America.

    Our lawn is usually something like flower beds, where the grass is soft, the flowers bloom. If everyone starts to walk on such a lawn, then only one black piece of land will be left of it.

    In other countries, lawns have been specially grown for several years. Herbs are selected that are easy to trample, hardy and stable. Therefore, you can often see vacationers sitting or lying on the lawns. But there vacationers will not litter the lawn with wrappers, cans and bottles, as it is done with great ease in our country.

    Today in Russia there are such strong lawns, but there are still not so many of them as there are many poorly educated vacationers in our country.

  • If this is a lawn that is looked after, which is maintained in a clean and beautiful state, then why should you go if there are sidewalk paths nearby. We Russians have a bad habit of going and throwing candy wrappers on the floor, there are no trash cans on the lawns, well, imagine what the lawn will turn into in three days. he will be trampled, with torn flowers, in pieces of paper and cigarette butts.

    And if you take a lawn, which is more like a lawn, then you cannot walk through it with your hands either. Usually there are no crossings, these are in big cities. And in small towns, the space with wild-growing grass is still trodden by old paths. Until they block it. will walk.

    It is forbidden to walk - to preserve the beauty of the streets.

  • Such a prohibitive system is a rule for Russia. Apparently the reason lies in the very same vacationers. After all, it is no secret that after the rest, our compatriots are used to leaving a lot of garbage. The lawn is no exception. So the militia sets such rules. It is easier to keep the lawns clean this way.

  • The question, of course, is asked extensively, but if you take into account the public lawn, then some government organization is clearly engaged in sowing and mowing it, so most likely, in the opinion of this organization, a person who walks on the lawn will simply hinder its growth.

  • Our people can do anything. No flowerbeds and lawns will stop you if there is a short way to your destination through them. And they put such prohibitions in order to preserve the labor of a person who sowed, watered, decorated.

  • You can't walk on lawns very often in Minsk. And not even in parks, but near the clinic and other public places. I think this is due to the fact that it is rather difficult to buy and maintain a lawn in proper condition. Moreover, for example, a polyclinic has to buy this lawn at its own expense. Of course, I don't want someone to trample on him and make his own paths that are convenient for everyone, and not those that are supposed to be walked on.

    I heard that in one university, when laying out a lawn, they first gave people to trample paths that were convenient for them, and only then they paved them with tiles. I feel that we are doing a lot not in the interests of the people themselves.

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