One-year Schengen visa. How long will you stay, how many days is it?

One-year Schengen visa. How long will you stay, how many days is it?

  • The annual visa is called, but this does not mean that you will be able to stay in Europe legally for the whole year. By no means.

    The annual visa is indicated for 90 days, which means that for one year you can only be in Europe for these 90 days (three months). You can spend all three months there, you can crush it, flying as necessary.

    The specified period can not be exceeded.

  • A standard Schengen visa means a stay of 90 days in 180 days of use - the so-called half-year visa, you can stay 90 days in half a year, then there is an annual visa - stay 180 days a year, but it is also divided into six months, more than 90 days of stay in a half-year period it is impossible, that is, you cannot immediately stay 180 days and no longer enter a year. Strange people, but you can understand them - if you stay more than 181 days a year, you can demand social benefits, they are already bad, so they do not allow a long stay.

  • This means that in total during the year in the territory of validity of such a visa, you can stay for more than 90 days. How exactly these days are distributed throughout the year does not float. But if the viva was issued, for example, on September 1, then until August 31 of the next year, the total period of stay in the Schengen countries is no more than 90 days.

    Violate - they will not be allowed there anymore 🙂

  • The so-called Schengen zone includes 26 European states. You can visit them on a Schengen visa.

    Indeed, the Schengen visa is called annual, but in fact it only applies for ninety days for six months. This is a single Schengen visa.

    This period does not necessarily spend all at once, that is, to come for all ninety days. You can be on the territory of a foreign country on a Schengen visa 45, or sixty, or ninety days. That is, the visa provides for a total stay of ninety days per semester. The date of entry into the country of the Schengen zone opens an account of the days of stay of the owner of this visa in the territory of the European state.

  • The annual Schengen visa dates the right to stay in the Schengen countries in total for 180 days. Those. within half the validity of the Schengen visa. But no more than 90 days for half a year. Maybe 3 types of stay: 45, 60 and 90 days in half year.

    In this case, 90 days indicates the possibility of a continuous stay for 90 days.

    Only those who have received at least 1 Schengen visas can apply for a one-year visa.

  • The "Schengen" zone includes 26 European states that you can visit with a special "Schengen" visa. Despite the fact that it is called an annual, the maximum stay for half a year is 90 days (hence, 180 days in a year). The "Schengen" visa provides for a total stay of 90 days in half a year (180 days). You can use up this traffic immediately or within six months.

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