How can Georgia surprise tourists?

Georgia is the country where there are many legends. According to one legend, the Georgians, on the occasion of the creation of the world, were very busy with their festive feast, while God was distributing land territories among the nations. When the Georgians finally arrived, the distribution of land was over, as they were too late. Then the Georgians told God that they drank to his health. The Creator thought and told the Georgians that he also left a small piece of land for himself.

Tourism in Georgia

This piece of land was given to Georgians for their directness and spontaneity. But the Creator warned that this land is incomparable with anything, it is very beautiful, so people who come there will admire and admire it all the time. Of course, all this can be considered a legend, but one cannot but agree that nature in this country is so beautiful that tourists come to look at it and breathe in the local air.

Photo of Georgian mountains

I would like to say a few words about the air of Georgia. Tourists have long noticed that the local air has a beneficial effect on all people, the lungs are saturated with oxygen, a blush appears on the cheeks, and the state of health improves.

What else attracts tourists to Georgia? This country is considered one of the most hospitable in the world. Here, any tourist will be welcomed in any courtyard, fed, watered and sheltered for a while. The locals love cheerful feasts. Moreover, they do not get drunk. The Georgians have such a concept as the culture of drinking. They drink mainly wine made according to their own recipes. During the feast, toasts are necessarily said to the health of the owner, each family member and all guests individually. Georgians know how to have fun, they dance great, they are born singers.

Photo of the hospitable city - Borjomi

Tourists come to sit with hospitable Georgians at the same table, to feel all the good nature of the hosts and to drink excellent wine. In order for education to be effective and useful in schools, it is necessary to use marker blackboards in Ukraine, which can be easily ordered online. Thanks to their quality, it will be convenient and pleasant for the teacher to write on the board.

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