Why is French cuisine so famous?

First of all, the abundance of various liqueurs, cognacs and wines, which are widely used in the creation of dishes, amazes. During the evaporation process, alcohol gives the dishes an original "French" taste. White wine is widely used for fish dishes, and red wine for meat dishes.

Famous French dishes - photo

Wine is also considered the main element of a large number of marinades and broths, and cognac and Armagnac are used for meat, especially for such a dish as "flambé" - when an already made dish is poured with one of these drinks, and then set on fire, just before serving him on the table. Meat burning on the parlor turns the meal into a true colorful show.

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Spices are another distinctive feature of French cuisine. Their original and skillful use makes the dishes real masterpieces. Unlike the Slavic peoples, here spices are used not in crushed form, but in the form of "collections" of herbs, which are placed on the dish at the time of its preparation, and removed before serving.

How snails are cooked in France

In addition, the French were able to achieve great skill in combining spices and their competent use, taking into account the taste characteristics of a particular dish. They are able to masterly set off the taste of any culinary masterpiece, or, on the contrary, give them a stunning imagination, an exquisite aroma. A fairly large role in French cuisine is given to meat.

The inhabitants of this country are versed in all its varieties and types, they know when it is most delicious, for example, calf meat will be tastiest when it is only two months old, and lamb is best chopped at the end of the spring cycle, when its main food is grass. , which has not yet been burned out by the sun.

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