What is a downy shawl knitted from? What fluff is a downy shawl knitted from?

What is a downy shawl knitted from? What fluff is a downy shawl knitted from?

  • Our scarves were knitted from the fluff of two types of goats.

    Bred in the days of the USSR, the usual downy breed. There are white, gray, black and brown.

    Thick warm shawls are knitted from such fluff. They are of such high quality that they retain their original appearance for many years.

    It is recommended to pull out the fluff from such goats by hand. A shaved one is much cheaper and the quality of a shawl from a haircut is also not special.

    What is a downy shawl knitted from? What fluff is a downy shawl knitted from?

    White openwork (and there are also natural gray ones, only they were not in demand so much) knitted from the down of angora goats, brought it to us from Tajikistan, this is the highest quality, but the quality still depended on proper care and the places where they were grown. The second in quality was the Angora fluff from Kazakhstan. The fluff of the Angora goat living in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria is noticeably inferior in quality. This is only for socks and mittens will go.

    What is a downy shawl knitted from? What fluff is a downy shawl knitted from?

    To prepare the fluff for knitting, it goes through many stages.

    To begin with, it is soaked in several warm waters. Then wash with a delicate shampoo or high-quality chlorine-free powder. Rinse thoroughly again.

    The next stage is whitening. The main thing here is not to burn it with bleach. It is poured with boiling water, in which 3 g of bleach was diluted for 100 kg of fluff, no matter what, in nm, chlorine should not be present either, otherwise it will not turn white, but acquire a lemon hue. Stands until the water cools down. Rinse intensively again and go to dry. You cannot squeeze the fluff out.

    The dried fluff is disassembled as best as possible, then it is combed two or three times (this is necessary to mix it more thoroughly and no yellow stripes appear during the knitting process, this will be considered the roughest marriage).

    Then there is the spinning process. During spinning, you need to make sure that the fluff spins the thread, and not vice versa. Both electric and mechanical spinning wheels are used. For shawls, mechanical spinning is still better, since electric spinning is very strong, no matter how hard it tries. From such yarn, the scarf will not be delicate.

    I have not heard of knitting from llama wool, it is understandably not our region.

  • What kind of down is suitable for knitting a downy shawl?

    Down for knitting a downy shawl is sometimes used by llamas, but this is rare.

    But not all goat breeds are suitable for this. In nature, there are several types of downy goat breeds, such goats in their appearance are very different from ordinary goats.

    Regular goats are mostly smooth-haired, and downy goats always wear a so-called fur coat. And then they collect down from them for knitting downy shawls.

  • Downy shawls have always and at all times had a high price, because they were all knitted by hand by craftswomen in different cities and villages. Down for knitting a scarf is taken at the end of winter from goats of special downy breeds, for example, Orenburg from Angora breeds.

    Downy shawls, and other things, socks, shirt-fronts, hats warm the body better than any mustard plaster, and modern housewives always have a downy shawl or shawl in their wardrobe. So simple goats help people survive the cold, and improve their health.

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