What birds sing at night in spring in April?

What birds sing at night in spring in April?

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    Quite recently, a few days ago, before dawn (about half past four in the morning), I was awakened by an amazingly beautiful bird song. Through a slightly open window, along with the intoxicating smell of cherry blossoms, came its ringing and rolling, incredibly similar to a nightingale's, trill. Sleepily, I thought that it was the singer of love himself who had already flown in, but then I realized my mistake, and guessed who was the culprit of my awakening.

    Without a doubt, it turned out to be none other than a chaffinch, a bird that can sing not only in the early morning, but also late at night.

    In addition to the finch, robin and blackbird, in April, even at night, you can still hear the wonderful voices of several birds, for example, the crackling chirping of a redstart, as well as the pure and gentle hum of a bluethroat.

  • In April, redstarts, bluethroats, robins, and lentils arrive. In mid-April, rooks that arrived in March begin to prepare for hatching eggs. The first swallows arrive in April if it is abnormally warm outside. Larks and seagulls arrive. The ringing trills of birds are heard through the open window.

    Robins sing at nights in April. And thrushes sing at night in April.

  • It is unlikely that birds sing songs in April, and even at night. It probably depends on what region and country you live in. I am from Kazakhstan, and now it is pretty cool here, there can be no talk of any singing. Only rooks arrived - but they don't sing, well, pigeons and sparrows live here - they don't sing too much either.

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