Which plants start with the letter M?

Which plants start with the letter M?

  • There are a lot of such plants. And so, let's start: Magnolia, mallow, mint, muscari, muzzle, Molucella, Juniper, Mirabilis, Microbiota, Melissa, Lungwort, Mattiola, Cuff, Malopa, Magonia, Mouse hyacinth, Mukdenia, Montbrecia, Euphorbia, Grave, Almond, grass, Meconopsis, Mahoberberis, Matricaria, Malcolmia, Raspberry, Magobarberry, Bluegrass, Soapy, Hellebore, Monarda, Younger, Polyglass, Mimulus, Small-petal, Mesembriantemum, Maurandia, Daisy. But I think if you collect names from all over the world, then there will be many more names. But the source assures that these are all plants with the letter M from around the world.

  • Hill metrosideros (Metrosideros collinus)

    Meadow bluegrass (Poa pratensis)

    Merendera three-columned (Merendera trigyna)

    Multiflorous spurge (Euphorbia polychroma)

    Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale)

    Montbrecia (Crocosmia)


    Perennial daisy (Bellis perennis)

    Murraya exotica

    Arrowroot (Maranta leuconeura)

    Common myrtle (Myrtus commumis)

    Muehlenbeckia complexa

    Muscari bothryoides

    Microlepia flat-leaved (Microlepia platyphylla)


    Mattiola bicornus

    Poppy (Papaver)

    Macodes petola

    Decorated maxillaria, or painted (Maxillaria picta)

    Malva (Malva)


    Daisy (Bellis)

    Marshallocereus thurberi

    Matricaria (Tripleurospermum inodorum)

    Mother and Stepmother (Tussilago farfara)

    Mediolobivia golden-flowered (Mediolobivia aureiflora)

    Melocactus blue-gray (Melocactus caesius)

    Miltonia white (Miltonia candida)

    Monarda didyma

    Monstera deliciosa

    Hellebore (Helleborus caucasicus)

    Muscari bothryoides

    Mouse hyacinth (Muscari)

  • There are also a lot of different plants for the letter М, the following come to mind: Euphorbia, Mylnyanka, Carrot, Lager, Raspberry, Mallow, Myrtle, Mother-and-Maheha, Poppy, Mint, Mattiola, Daisy, Juniper, Mint, Magnolia, Marjoram, Melissa.

  • The letter M can be called such plants as - melissa, carrots, euphorbia, myrtle, mancinella - the most poisonous plant in the world, raspberries, juniper, lungwort, cloudberries, coltsfoot, mimosa, murraya, magnolia, poppy, mallow, cuff, daisy, olives, almonds, woodlice, muzzle, mumi, seaweed, fly agaric, mint, arrowroot, monstera, mamillaria, bashful mimosa, white-veined euphorbia, euphorbia, a mile well, etc.

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