Do mice like cheese?

Do mice like cheese?

  • Somewhere they write that some scientists have experimented with mice and cheese, and it turned out that mice like cheese. And somewhere else they write that they conducted such an experiment, and in the end it turned out that the mice did not eat cheese.

    If so to understand, then all these statements from numerous cartoons, films and comics, as if mice love cheese, are erroneous. Indeed, for most of their evolution they did not know cheese, that is, no cheese is found in their natural habitat, which means that mice should not react to it. In general, the mouse diet consists primarily of cereals and fruits, i.e. from plant foods. Well, if the mouse is starving, then it will eat anything.

  • It was not surprising for one British organization that all the cartoons show the love of mice for cheese. But what about the reality?

    They decided to conduct a simple experiment: they took an apple, chocolate and cheese, spread it all over the mousetraps and waited. The experiment lasted 45 days.

    And here's what he came to? Not one mouse has touched an apple. The chocolate was encroached only 1 mouse, apparently from the category of sweet tooth. And in the mousetrap with cheese caught, as much, 22 mouse. Love of cheese, it is obvious!

    Although, perhaps, I would argue with the results of British scientists a little wrong experiment. It was necessary to place grains and seeds in one of the mousetraps, and I think that a little mouse would have thought about where to go. 🙂

    Do mice like cheese?

  • A couple of times mice climbed into our cellar in the fall. A mouse in the cellar for the winter is a disaster, it will spoil all the vegetables. Therefore, the question arose of how to "remove" from there. Remembering the dogma that mice go crazy with cheese, I bought a piece and stuffed it with poison, put it in the cellar. The bait remained intact, the fearsome gnawing continued. Then I spat on the public opinion generated by American cartoons and bought ordinary sunflower seeds, which were eaten right away, the mice died in peace and we sighed calmly.

  • The myth that mice like cheese comes from the fact that cheese contains holes, the same as mice do. In fact, evolution has not laid mice in love for cheese and similar products. That's right, why eat cheese, when there are more delicious things in the world, such as sausage, for example.

  • :) how romantic it would be if they loved him :), but this is probably only in the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" :), that's where the mouse really loves him :), but these rodents love seeds, all kinds of grains, apples and it is good to rustle, but it is better to put seeds in a mousetrap, my dad does it like that - and they are caught :)

  • It is a myth. Cheese of the mouse, of course, is eaten, but only when very hungry. In fact, mice prefer those foods that they eat in the process of evolution in the natural environment. Cheese was not included in the list of these products.

    But mice are very fond of peanut butter, which has the smell of nuts. Nuts are a natural food of mice, as well as various cereals, fruits or small insects.

    Do mice like cheese?

  • No, the mice certainly do not like cheese, because they generally do not like those products that smell strongly. They still prefer grain and fruit. And about cheese it's just a myth, by the way, everyone thinks so, even adults.

  • Whether mice love cheese or not - no one knows about this, since mice cannot talk. But personally, I had such a case when I caught mice with a mousetrap, and used cheese as bait, the mice were perfectly caught. However, no worse than mice were caught on smoked sausage. Apparently, mice are caught on anything that smells of food. But this does not mean that they love cheese, they are just hungry.

  • It would seem obvious that such food as cheese, for mice (and they are still rodents) is completely uncharacteristic.

    But! Newborn mice do not run gnawing seeds, vegetables, nuts and chairs. In the first days of life they consume the milk of mom-mice and, once the milk, then there is already a smell of cheese.

    It seems to me that the love of mice for cheese is precisely based on the "taste of childhood." IMHO mouse dilettante.

  • Much more than cheese, mice like, for example, bacon. Willingly they eat mouse cheese mainly in cartoons. In life, they eat seeds, seeds. And in the country they still eat all the soap!

  • I found interesting information with real-world experiments. The British scientists did such an experiment, and the result was amazing. Mice really love cheese, although it is not included in their basic diet. I do not think that this is a lie or a falsification. Although of the proposed options, apple, chocolate and cheese, cheese was a likely choice. If they offered seeds or grain, it’s quite possible that mice would prefer them.

  • The love of cheese is just a myth. At first, my decorative rats did not understand at first that cheese is edible, although milk and dairy products have been eaten with pleasure since childhood. Then, of course, the animals "tasted" the cheese and began to eat, but still it cannot be called a favorite product. There are foods that they love much more.

  • Love, love

    And go for extreme measures for him)) There is also a cool film about the thread factory, which thanks to the mouse became a factory for the production of cheese. Only I forgot his name

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