Can you breed a dog every heat?

Can you breed a dog every heat?

  • Knitting is often not desirable. In view of the fact that you will inflict damage not only on your pet, but also on her future offspring. After giving birth, the dog should recover.

  • It is possible, but not necessary, because this will cause significant damage to the health of your pet and will not get healthy offspring from her.

    The heat comes once every six months, that is, only twice in a calendar year, and if you tie it twice this year, then it will not have time to recover from pregnancy and feeding. Judge for yourself:

    • 2 months pregnancy lasts
    • Feeding of puppies lasts 1,5 - 2 months
    • total: 4 months spent by the body for procreation

    In order to fully recover, the remaining two months before the onset of a new estrus is clearly not enough, and this is the result if she becomes pregnant again:

    • general emaciation of the dog
    • infertile pregnancy
    • weak puppies (rickets, etc.)
    • lack of milk to feed droppings
    • miscarriage
    • baldness with u to and
    • a bunch of other diseases

    It is recommended to knit with y to y once a year if the previous pregnancy and childbirth took place without complications, otherwise a longer rehabilitation period will be required.

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