Why can not pigeons eat?

Why can not pigeons eat?

  • As Leonid Filatov wrote in his famous poem "The Tale of Fedot the Archer", "generally speaking, pigeons are scolded in vain, a pigeon, if in gravy, is no worse than a capercaillie." Guys, everyone who has not tried pigeon can not try it. But the pigeon is the same bird, like all the others that people have long used for food. And the pigeon itself is not at all a peaceful bird. A pigeon like a pig, eats everything that it finds around it, and is almost the only bird that, in a fight for food, can kill its own kind. How many times have I noticed how ducks, geese, roosters, the same sparrows fight, but no one beat their opponent to death. Even in cockfighting, birds are simply not allowed to kill each other (roosters often also fight to death, but for a very different reason than for food). Yes, a savage will differ in many ways from a domestic pigeon, one of the reasons that a pigeon is a carrier of all kinds of diseases that are dangerous to humans, but again, homeless people often catch pigeons for food. Moreover, in big cities and savages are so tame that they sit on your shoulders, look into your eyes, like asking what you are going to give them to devour. And I repeat - the invented image of a peaceful bird for a dove as a symbol of peace is only the reality of propaganda during the Soviet era, and nothing more. There is nothing better for this image than a stork's nest with a whole family of this bird. Many do not even know what the competition was for this - to display the image of the world on a poster, and why the stork did not pass, and the dove, which crap more than an elephant, passed. One of the reasons why pigeons are still not eaten is precisely Soviet propaganda. Many people like this symbol of peace.

  • We had a nest of pigeons on the balcony. When I read how many diseases they are dangerous for a person, I just stopped sleeping. You will not eat the same rats for example.

    And so my grandfather told me that they spent a day like their youth in milk soaked and then cooked.

  • With the proper heat treatment of meat (well cooked or fried) all infections die.

    In our student years, while working at the station (the carriages were loaded), we stuffed a dozen or a half well-fed pigeons from the "air" for dinner, they were so fat, they barely flew on the grain.

    And nothing, all devoured the pigeon alive and well remained. Just on the advice of a medical student paid special attention to the heat treatment of meat.

  • I really did not know, in extreme conditions ate at a time and no one disdained. There is enough delicious meat, something like goose meat, but according to the rigidity depends on the age of the bird. In regard to urban not urban, but what's the difference from the place of residence.

  • It is believed that pigeons, eating everything in a row, accumulate in themselves any infection. Moreover, some pigeon diseases go to humans, which becomes dangerous.

    And so, in fact quite edible meat.

    A man when hungry and desperate situation will devour anything.

  • There is some kind of sign about the "non-eating" of pigeons, but what is the point I will not say.

    As for the rest ... As for the city birds, perhaps this is due to fears that they feed on something outside?

    In any case, I have not heard anything like it.

  • Pigeons are a symbol of the world. I myself went with my mother to a demonstration with a stick at the end of which was an image of a pigeon.

  • Why not? They eat and eat as they eat. They taste like chickens. I have not tried it myself, but I believe in the words of others.

  • Dove of peace, remember the painting by Picasso, the dove, and then the bombing of the Spanish city of Guernica and the painting "Guernica", hence the name, that the doves are the harbingers of the world, but is this how you think it is?

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