Why do geese and roosters attack children?

Why do geese and roosters attack children?

  • Turkeys, by the way, are also extremely harmful — an unpleasant bird. And not a fact

    what, on children. Tale- a parable exists about this phenomenon, as if the eyes

    large livestock, they are seen by people as giants and obey them without question, including children. The small eyes of bird-yard inhabitants, on the contrary, see us as small, and the children, in general, are sparrows, (hence the incompletely explained aggression.)

  • as for the roosters, then everything is more or less clear: the protection of their chickens, especially when they hatch eggs. also, they can attack in response if you, for example, scared him away or swung at him, and they are capable of attacking not only children - and adults. I had it. as for the geese, this is a rarity among these wastelands. they attack children based on their superiority - that's all.

  • You know, I have been living in the countryside for a long time, we ourselves once kept both geese and chickens. The geese did not attack us (their own), but the rooster could peck and not only children. When a gander has a goose sitting on a clutch, and even more so if he is with goslings, then he becomes very aggressive. But now adults only try to scare (hisses, stretches his neck, flaps his wings), but he can really rush at children and start pinching. I think that this is due to the fact that adults are, firstly, larger, and secondly, they do not run away, but more often than not, on the contrary, go to "attack" the goose, drive it away. And children are more afraid of geese, stand still or try to run away, the goose attacks, on the rights of the strong. But the rooster can attack either if he walks near the chickens or has recently become a leader (he asserts himself so much). Still often attacked by "incubator" roosters, which are specially raised for "meat" and they kept together for a long time, separately from the hens. When such a rooster becomes a breeder, it tends to behave more aggressively.

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