Why did the cactus start to dry, can this be remedied?

Why did the cactus start to dry, can this be remedied?

  • ????? Strange ... This is the first time I come across such a question .... A cactus can be destroyed by overflow, but then it does not dry out, but rot. And it can dry for one reason: there is not enough water. But how? I rarely water mine: once a week, a month, depending on the season. Yes, a cactus cannot be made to dry out at all .. Maybe you water too rarely?

  • Hello.

    1. The most common reason is roots rotted from overflow. cacti are very sensitive to the amount of water in the soil and severe waterlogging leads to root rot. at the same time, the cactus itself remains green and "cheerful" outwardly for a long time, and itself is already completely devoid of roots. Then it starts to dry and the process is irreversible. Only transplant children.
    2. A less common reason is too "greasy earth". Cacti prefer soil with a high sand content, crumbly and easily drying soil. In another, more fertile one, their roots are burning. change the land to a more sandy one. for each type of cacti, the proportions are different.
    3. A rare option is fungus or too sunny side. Despite the fact that cacti are inhabitants of hot and sunny countries, aggressive lighting with direct rays can lead to burns and problems. spill the cactus with an antifungal agent or change its place of residence.
    4. Too large pot - the pot should not be deep and 1.5 - 2 cm away from the cactus itself. Otherwise, the plant cannot "master the pot" and various kinds of problems begin (drying out too). transplant into a small pot.

    Choose which of these options is yours. Good luck with the cactus.

    let it "get out" from you and bloom.

    Why did the cactus start to dry, can this be remedied?

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