Why can't you pick flowering plants?

Why can't you pick flowering plants?

  • For example, I immediately got the idea: it is impossible (undesirable) to pick what is in bloom, for a simple reason - so that the bees have something to collect.

    Any flowering plant, be it wildflowers, bushes, or trees, is a source of pollen. So why once again deprive striped workers of the opportunity to profit from a fragrant, blooming representative of the flora?

  • Flowering plants give life to new buds, twigs, flowers, which develop and take place on the plant instead of old dead parts. The tree renews itself. And if you pluck flowering plants, then there will be nowhere to put the nutritious juices, there will be nothing to develop, nothing to replace. The plant will eventually die.

    The nectar of the flowers provides food for insects, which collect pollen and carry it from place to place, giving new life to plants.

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