Is it true that there are no predators in New Zealand?

Is it true that there are no predators in New Zealand?

  • If they weren't there, then New Zealand too. Let's just say if you don't eat locusts, then they will eat everything and there will be little. Tobish, if no one will hunt for herbivores, then there will be nothing green, and, in principle, the same herbivores too. Biology however.

  • If we are talking about mammals, predators, then in New Zealand, initially - no, there are only birds and insects. But, from time immemorial in New Zealand, there is the most terrible predator - man.

    Tribes of indigenous people of New Zealand from time immemorial professed cannibalism.

    However, not everyone there was so ugly - there were tribes professing absolute denial of violence - their Maori, without hesitation, just, with our pleasure, interrupted.

  • Well, due to the fact that New Zealand is a very remote geographic location from most of the continents (except Australia), there really are no predators on this island. The main inhabitants of the fauna are birds, fish, seals and even penguins.

  • Of course it's not true... Even if you do not know anything about the fauna of the islands, then even from the point of view of theoretical ecology, it is simply impossible. All four links are necessarily present in the ecosystem: producers, consumers of the I (herbivores) and II order (predators and omnivores) and decomposers. Without this, the ecosystem cannot exist.

    Even if you do not take sea animals, but only land animals, then predators must be present.

    I must say that there really are no large predators at all. But they were not needed, because there was no food supply for them, as well as normal forage grounds for hunting (there are few open spaces with a large area - large predators need this, not to mention the fact that there were no large victims either).

    But it cannot be said that there are no animals (as mammals are called predators). Grabs them. Both direct predators and omnivores that devour everything.

    These are wild pigs, and felines, and ermines, and weasels, and ferrets, and omnivorous rodents, and hedgehogs, which were brought to the islands by settlers.

    Earlier in New Zealand there were also large predators, for example, the Haast eagle.

    Without predatory animals, the ecosystem would not be able to exist, because there would be no one to eat sick and old animals, and then many species would become extinct from epidemics.

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