The most stupid, stupid, irresponsible animal on earth?

The most stupid, stupid, irresponsible animal on earth?

  • As I said in one of my answers, the stupidest animal on earth is the dinosaurs, which could not adapt to the prevailing circumstances and became extinct. If the stupidest animal on earth were a man, then we would not be sitting in front of computers now.

  • Actually, the term "stupid animal" itself, in my opinion, is not entirely correct. As far as I know, in the Zoological Institute of Switzerland, special studies were carried out, according to the results of which the hippopotamus was recognized as the most "stupid" animal.

  • I think that the most stupid and irresponsible creatures on earth are those that destroy their habitat. These are Butterflies. Have you seen how caterpillars of butterflies eat, for example, nettles under a clean one? And then they die of hunger. And irresponsible butterflies, although they see that there is not enough food even for the eggs laid, they still make one more clutch. Well, moths flying into the fire. Generally stupid or what? Yes, the main thing is how they adapted! With this protective coloration, even birds do not eat them!

  • If we consider man to be the most irresponsible animal, then there may be some truth in this, since a person does not really think about the possible consequences of his intervention in nature. But by requiring him to think, we ourselves raise him to the rank of an intelligent creature, because only two options are possible, either the animal is stupid and then there can be no question of responsibility, or the animal is smart and then it can be irresponsible. Therefore, this question cannot have an answer at all, since mutually exclusive terms have been set as definitions. A stupid person can still be stupid, but only an intelligent person can be irresponsible.

  • Aquarium fish!) Once they gave me a goldfish for my birthday, I had to buy an aquarium and all its supplements. Throughout my life, I have had everyone - parrots, cats, dogs, snakes, hedgehogs, etc. and so on. But fish are the most stupid creatures if they are not part of the interior. They don’t run to meet you when you come home, you don’t take them to bed with you, you don’t talk to them when you’re bored. In the end, you don't run after them, you don't collect scattered pens, pencils and socks around the room)

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