Pepper seeds Bugai. What are the reviews, is it worth planting?

Pepper seeds Bugai. What are the reviews, is it worth planting?

  • Great variety! Peppers of this variety are yellow and red. What captivates in this variety is, of course, the peppers themselves, especially the yellow ones, in fact they are not bright yellow, but rich orange, very thick-walled, juicy and tasty. An unconditional plus is the fact that the plants are medium-sized, medium-early ripening, there are a lot of fruits on them. Of course, in order to grow exactly such a characteristic, peppers will have to work hard, pour water from the river or heated in the sun, often loosen, but the reward for the work is guaranteed. And how tasty and beautiful such a pepper is in the composition of the lech, I don't even know with which variety it can be compared. So, if you have purchased the seeds of the "Bugai" variety, try to grow them and, I am sure, you will be satisfied.

  • Reviews about the Bugai pepper variety on the Internet are not bad. But my experience was not very successful. The peppers did not even have time to ripen by the end of August. The fruits are small and green. But when she planted seedlings, she grew without problems.

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