How to process cucumbers so that the leaves do not turn yellow?

How to process cucumbers so that the leaves do not turn yellow?

  • Here are possible options:

    • You may not water your cucumbers as often. And that is why the leaves turned yellow. Try to water the cucumbers a little more often. And maybe the problem with yellow leaves will be solved
    • If, nevertheless, the leaves continue to turn yellow, then you can make a decoction of onion husks, which you spray the cucumbers
    • They say that potassium permanganate helps. The option is risky, but if there are no other options, then it is still worth trying

    In general, of course, it is better to consult with knowledgeable people. They probably faced this problem and will advise what to do in such a situation.

  • When the leaves of cucumbers turn yellow with specks, this is a fungal disease called powdery mildew, and scientifically - Cladosporium. All leaves affected, albeit a little, with powdery mildew, must be removed and thrown away from your plants. And sprinkle the rest of the leaves and all plants with a weak solution of colloidal sulfur (40 g per 10 l of water), or you can sprinkle it with wood ash in the morning, when the dew has not yet disappeared and the ash will adhere perfectly.

    If this does not help, then there remains an extreme measure - to spray the diseased plant with a chemical remedy for diseases, for example - "Hom" or "Ordan".

    After you use such products, the cucumbers must be washed very carefully before use.

  • Cucumbers are very capricious, very demanding on weather conditions. Today's summer with temperature drops is unfavorable for them. Cucumbers love warm, even weather. They love watering, but not rain at night temperatures of 12 degrees and below. If the weather is 12 degrees for 3 or more days, they freeze. And, if even lower, then they begin to hurt, turn yellow, become covered with spots, and no matter what you do, you will not help them. These are fungal diseases. It is better to pull out such lashes immediately so that others do not get infected. Better yet, make another landing. If you are lucky, and the weather is even, with cool nights, then you will still have time to see some of your cucumbers.

  • If the leaves of cucumbers turn yellow, then this is most likely bacteriosis, aphids or late blight.

    Everything from the fact that the high moisture content of the soil on which the cucumbers are planted, or the high humidity of the air.

    If the cucumbers are already bearing fruit, then it is not worth treating with chemicals, it is better to resort to folk methods:

    1. Add 30 drops of iodine, 20 grams of laundry soap, 1 liter of milk to a bucket of water, and spray the cucumbers with this composition once every 1 days.
    2. In the evening, soak a loaf of bread in a bucket of cold water, in the morning knead this bread and add a bottle of iodine and sprinkle with cucumbers.
    3. Pour onion peels into a bucket of cold water, you can put a handful of peels on the fire and bring to a boil, leave for 12-14 hours, strain, squeeze, and spray all the leaves of the cucumbers, both lower and upper, as well as shed the soil and a garden with cucumbers.

    At first I did not believe in these methods, but when I tried to apply them, it really helps.

    How to process cucumbers so that the leaves do not turn yellow?

  • Your cucumbers are infected with the Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV). This disease cannot be cured by any means at the moment. Moreover, such plants are a source of infection for healthy plants, because the virus can be transmitted by insects (if they damage plants), as well as mechanical damage to plants (if the juice of a diseased plant gets on a healthy one, which may have microdamage).

    In order to prevent infection of healthy plants, diseased plants must be removed along with the root, and the plant must be dug up and some of the soil must also be removed. Disinfect all instruments, wash hands with soap and water. The removed plants must be burned.

    For the future, buy varieties that are resistant to TMV.

  • So that the leaves of cucumbers do not turn yellow, do not pour water on the leaves when you water, if the water is cold, the cucumbers will start to get sick with powdery mildew and late blight.

    When you dilute the fertilizer, then also try not to spray on the leaves, but pour it under the bushes.

    Our cucumber leaves do not turn yellow (only the lower ones when we pick the cucumbers, but this is how it should be).

  • We have a small vegetable garden under our window, where I plant a garden of cucumbers every year. It often happens that the leaves on my cucumbers start to turn yellow. I try to use fewer chemicals. I resort to simple folk methods of ambulance for my cucumbers.

    In water at room temperature, I dilute a little potassium permanganate so that the water is pale pink. I water the ground with this weak solution where cucumbers and leaves are planted. It helps me very well, after a day the leaves stop turning yellow.

  • The sheet in the photo is too late to spray. It and others, with signs of damage, must be removed, it is better to completely the whole plant. And the remaining healthy plants can be processed to stop the further development of the disease. How to process? Depends on disease and pathogen. There are not so many of them, in some cases they are sprayed with a solution of infused mullein with the addition of nitrogen fertilizers, in other cases they are treated with biological products. Most diseases are fungal and it is necessary to create conditions impossible for the development of fungi. This is a decrease in humidity. Stop watering for a week and cover from dew at night. The optimum temperature for mushroom growth is somewhere around 12-15 degrees. Therefore, cucumbers need to be planted in sunny places so that there is always warmth and the sun also kills many pathogens. That is why thickening should not be allowed, no matter how sorry it is to thin them out, but it is necessary! Three plants per square meter. And it is necessary to sow resistant varieties in zones where diseases are spread. Previously, the Far East were famous for their resistance. Now the leader of vitality is the Phoenix cucumber.

  • Look you, everyone has their own names for the disease from which the leaves turn yellow. Some do not get treatment, others get better. For example, they don't turn yellow, if only from old age. Do not pour the sun on the leaves to burn them. Water droplets for the sun are like a magnifying glass, here are your cucumber leaves and spots. Well, okay, I'll push myself away from the author of the question, with the statement that it is powdery mildew. Sprinkle with baking soda solution (teaspoon per liter of water). So there will be no powdery mildew, and it is suitable for any plants.

  • In order for the cucumbers to give a good harvest when the leaves turn yellow, so that the cucumbers continue to develop normally, feed them with fertilizers "Breadwinner", "Ideal", you can feed them with sodium humate.

    If the leaves turn yellow from below, feed with mineral or organic fertilizers, it is even better to take Azofoska. And wood ash helps very well at the rate of 200300 1 grams per XNUMX square meter ..

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