Why are sea urchins dangerous?

Why are sea urchins dangerous?

  • Not so long ago I read an article about sea urchins. So, it turns out that not all sea urchins are dangerous. There are individuals who have delicate "needles" that do not prick at all, there are those whose needles are sharp, and if you step on them, they stick into the leg and the needles turn into small harpoons that are very difficult to pull out, but there are such hedgehogs , in the needles of which there is poison. Here, I think, there is no need to explain anything.

  • Not all sea urchins are dangerous, or rather it will be said that there are less dangerous, and there are more dangerous. There are sea urchins which have small smooth needles without poisonous substances, and there are hedgehogs whose needles have the shape of a harpoon, when you can’t pull them out without cutting the wound back, and if you start to try, you can pound the needles even further Oh, by the way needles accumulate poison, from which then at the point of needle penetration the wound begins to inflame and rot

    For example, there is such a - Toxopneustes pileolus

    Why are sea urchins dangerous?

    This hedgehog around the needle has bags that are filled with poison, when the needle pierces the human body, the bag breaks under the skin and the poisonous liquid enters the blood, which carries it further, this poison can cause local muscle paralysis, and also affects the nervous system and leads in some cases to difficulty breathing and malfunction of the heart muscle.

    A great danger are those species of sea urchins that have softer needles, they add their harmfulness with a large and most dangerous amount of poison ...

  • When I first rested on the Adriatic (it was more than 20 over the years ago), I didn’t know anything about hedgehogs, I came home, I had all my heels in prickles. I took them out with needles for a few months then, I don’t know how about poison, but of course there is not a pleasant one.

  • Not all sea urchins are dangerous, there are such hedgehogs, which feel like velvet. But there are some individuals whose body is covered with thin long needles, and if you step on such a hedgehog, you can hurt your leg badly. Spines easily break and remain in the leg. If the hedgehog is not very poisonous, then the leg will be very sick for a couple of hours, but there are also such sea urchins, the poison of which can lead to paralysis, suffocation and heart failure, but these hedgehogs live in the seas of Asia.

Stung by a sea urchin. Poisonous hedgehog stung in the hand. Brave Wilderness in Russian

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