What do the ants eat?

What do the ants eat?

  • The answer to this question is not something unique. Ants eat everything that they come across, it is both living and dead insects, the leaves of many plants. Ants eat mushrooms and some types of wood. The juice of some plants is a delicacy for ants.

    In short, ants are omnivores.

  • Other insects or sap secreted by aphids. Ants even drag aphids into the nest so that they can overwinter, and then carry them to plants and "milk"

    What do the ants eat?

  • Ants are omnivorous insects, meaning they can eat both plant and animal food. When ants raise offspring - larvae, they need a large amount of protein food and ants during this period feed mainly on insects. At other times, ants eat plant sap, honeydew produced by aphids. Some ants even set up entire farms to breed aphids. This allows them to receive food immediately in the anthill and not waste efforts to find and deliver it. There are ants that feed on mushrooms (leaf cutters), they also breed them right in their nest. And the reaper ants eat the seeds.

  • Ants who live in the wild mainly eat plant food. And so they are omnivores. They can even eat a dead animal, though for a long period of time. There are a lot of ant species. There are those that feed exclusively on other insects. And there are those that eat wood. Such ants are often found in outbuildings. Ants are so unpretentious in food that they can eat food of synthetic origin.

  • Ants are generally omnivores. Eat any organic matter, the corpse of an animal, for example, a soft fallen fruit or berry.

    Predominantly scavenger ants, because they do not have any fitness for hunting. However, there are large evil ants in the world that can flock to catch up and eat a live animal.

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