What is the baby monkey's name?

What is the baby monkey's name?

  • You know, no specific definition of a baby monkey comes to mind. It is simply not easy. A baby monkey can be called a baby monkey. Or monkey. There is no such thing as cats or dogs in the monkey world.

  • Yes, that's what they call a baby monkey. How else to call it? Simple - baby macaque, baby baboon, etc.

  • In many animals and birds, cubs are called single-root words with the suffix -onok- / knock:

    elephant - elephant;

    fox - fox,

    tiger - tiger cub;


    g - hedgehog;

    starling - little bird.

    For the name of the monkey offspring from the order of primates of the family of apes, we cannot use this word-building algorithm. Baby monkey called the word child.

  • Colloquially, a baby monkey can be called a "monkey". But in the scientific will, most likely, "a baby monkey." So there is no special term for individuals of small monkeys.

  • I think that since a monkey is a common name for a large group of animals, which includes macaques, gorillas, chimpanzees, and so on, therefore, the name of the cubs must be selected for each of the species of these animals - macaques, gorillas, and so on. And the monkey, as such, does not have a cub, therefore it does not have a name. You can just say a little monkey.

    And by the way, nowhere on the Internet did I find information to name for baby monkey.

  • For self-education, you need to read a little about animals or watch television programs. Everywhere when monkeys are called "baby" they use the term "baby". So it will be correct to say "baby macaque" or "baby baboon".

  • In the Slavic languages ​​there is no one word for a baby monkey. You can say a monkey (monkey), but it will mean a little monkey, but not necessarily a cub. You can say a child, baby, brood, offspring, primatysh, and so on and so forth, but this designation does not fit specifically to the baby monkey.

    What is the baby monkey's name?

  • Since there are no firm rules for naming a baby monkey, various monkey diminutives can be used. If you follow the logic of the formation of words such as "fawn", "lion", "kitten", then the baby monkey can be called the word "monkey". Immediately it is clear that this is a baby monkey. And you can call it: monkey baby or simply baby monkeys.

  • I think you should call a monkey a monkey or a monkey. I think in this form both the child and the adult should understand that this is a small baby monkey. Also met the following options: monkey, monkey.

  • Interest Ask. In fact, there is no exact concept and definition of how to call a newly born or still a small monkey, because, as a rule, all scientists - zoologists, call such babies simply "cubs", and this applies not only to males, but and female monkeys. And in everyday life, I sometimes heard in zoos how some people called monkeys purely humanly, for example, a monkey's son or a monkey's daughter. But if we proceed from a humorous point of view, in my opinion, you can still call baby monkeys, according to their species, something like this: hamadryl - hamadril, baboon - baboon, colobus - colobus.

    What is the baby monkey's name?

  • I have not been able to find in the dictionaries at least any term that should correctly call the baby monkey. The word monkey does not count, although it sounds quite interesting. But I noticed that due to a certain resemblance to humans, little monkeys are often called babies and the combination of a baby monkey I like more than a faceless baby monkey. It is a thankless and impossible task to choose the names of cubs according to the species of monkeys - there are too many of them and the words are not the easiest ones. But you can offer such a word as Monkey, it sounds very beautiful and it seems to me that if the question arises of how to explain to a child, then this is the word he will understand best of all.

    What is the baby monkey's name?

  • What is the baby monkey's name?

    Unfortunately, the baby monkey has no special name. If you use the diminutive word "monkey", then most likely this is not a very good word, since this can be said about an adult monkey. Therefore, I recommend using the baby monkey turnover.

    By the way, the giraffe has also no name.

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