How does moss multiply?

How does moss multiply?

  • The breeding cycle of moss is very easy to imagine. If you look at the picture, then under the number 1 we see an adult plant that spills spores on the ground. Under the numbers 2 and 3, spores grow and grow underground. Under the number 4 begin to germinate to the surface. The figures correspond to the stages of growth and development of moss, turning it into an adult plant. Under the numbers 7, 8 and 9, we see the fertilization process, when the male shoots or plants, and the moss can be both dioecious and monoecious, appear sperm cells that fertilize female sex cells. The result is a box with a long stem, the 10 pattern, in which spores begin to mature. Further spores get enough sleep and everything repeats. Dispute from one moss can be a huge amount, tens of millions, so that under favorable conditions, the moss can spread perfectly.

    How does moss multiply?

  • Moss reproduces by spores, the more humid the environment, the more favorable the conditions for moss. That is why the moss is so well grown in forests with a humid climate. Popov into damp soil, the spore begins to grow forming a green thin thread, then it starts to grow and attaches to the ground.

  • Even in the school curriculum is told that the moss multiplies (grows) disputes.

    Moss can be seen in darkened areas. The ideal habitat for him is a rotting tree. Moss does not tolerate direct sunlight - this is detrimental to it.

Java moss growing on a windowsill

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