How to give birth to mermaids?

How to give birth to mermaids?

  • If we assume that mermaids exist as a species of living organisms, then most likely they give birth as well as viviparous fish.

    If we assume that they are fiction, etc. as described above, they can not give birth.

  • I thought that everyone knew about it, but I see that I was wrong .. Actually, everything is easy to answer how to give birth to mermaids - much easier than how people give birth.

    At the end of eighteen years, the girl in the mermaid ripens the fruit, the development of which is laid in the infantile age, from eating zvzd and striped jellyfish.

    They are drawn to such food in connection with the growth of the tail, in which many very valuable microelements, vitamins, tendons and cartilage are formed.

    By the way, people have already often had to help mermaids during childbirth, tk. recently ecology has sharply worsened.

    How to give birth to mermaids?

    The only thing that is slightly unusual is that during childbirth, they discard the old tail, in which their little mermaid is located, and in exchange for it, a new, more beautiful and elongated one grows in them in about 3-4 days.

    How to give birth to mermaids?

    In general, this is the whole process, and then they have everything just like people.

    Grow, feed, teach to fish and only in the corner is not put for bad behavior, tk. angles in the sea are practically absent).

  • What if the mermaid is a hybrid. A hybrid that cannot give birth? Or, they have a hole through which the whole process takes place. And the mermaid gives birth, like a man or like a fish? Caviar or embryo?

  • Mermaids, in my opinion spawn. Because the bottom of them from the fish. Fish breed caviar.

  • In Russian epics, mermaids are girls who independently decided to drown (to jump off a bridge or a cliff, or simply by entering the water). Suicides, as we know, in all religions, cannot be accepted into the kingdom of heaven, so their souls wander around the earth.

    Drowned Man - have their true appearance. Therefore, no fish tails and breeding.

  • Mermaids do not and never had a fish tail - these are inventions of dark medieval village fools who were believed and further spread this nonsense even by educated people at that time.

    In short this is a common misconception.

    Mermaids are ordinary drowned girls, less often mature, and sometimes old women. After the feast of the Holy Trinity, the Mermaid Week begins, the Mermaids are climbed out of the water and run around across the fields (think; how would they run if they had fish tails?), and also sway in trees (with fish tails?), like to catch a man they meet and tickle him to death, or drag him into the water (and drown ) You should especially be wary of this on Thursday of mermaid week - this is their main day.In general, this week, it is better not to swim, and if you go somewhere to walk, for example, to river meadows, then you need to take a broom of wormwood with you, mermaids do not like its smell and will not touch you.

    So you can explain to your children that everything is in order with the anatomy of mermaids, however, they still cannot give birth, because this is one of the types of "living dead", that is evil spirits ,undead, like zombies, vampires and the like.

  • I think that mermaids live and give birth, like whales and dolphins.



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