How to make a fertilizer from bread?

How to make a fertilizer from bread?

  • There is a bread recipe - our grandparents used it before:

    Soaked dried bread was soaked with grass, nettles, or dandelions (generally any grass) (13 buckets of dried bread, you can even moldy) into a bucket of water. Cover, put in the shade for a few days, you can leave for a week to ferment. Only need to put in a place where you will not hear the smell of fermentation. Then the grounds were separately used for compost, and the fermented liquid was added to the irrigation water.

    This bread mixture is valuable as a source of yeast, which emit carbon dioxide, and he, in turn, is necessary for plants for full development. After such feeding, the plants bloom profusely and thrive. From vegetables it is useful for cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes. And from flowers it is loved by peonies and roses especially.

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    Indeed, fertilizer from bread can bring huge benefits to the plants that you grow in your garden.

    How to make a fertilizer from bread?

    Since the composition of the bread includes yeast, which just stimulate the perfect growth for plants.

    You can use the prepared top dressing from bread for:

    1) Tomatoes;

    2) Peppers;

    3) Eggplant;

    4) Cucumbers;

    5) Strawberries.

    The recipe is simple, let's take it:

    It is better to use black bread, put it in a container, which we fill with water.

    Water should cover all the bread. The container should be closed with a lid on which to put the load so that the bread does not pop up.

    To insist on fertilizer from the bread you need for one week, after which it is diluted with water and watered the plants.

    It is better to use such fertilizers during the growth period of the plant.

    How to make a fertilizer from bread?

    Use the bread you can still fertilizer with nettles. Here is the recipe for cooking it:

    How to make a fertilizer from bread?

GARDEN'S HEAD. Top dressing from bread for plants

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