How to accustom a grown-up cat to go to the tray (toilet)?

How to accustom a grown-up cat to go to the tray (toilet)?

  • an adult cat will be hard to retrain ... there are disgusting cats, but there is a chance. You need to soak small pieces of newspaper in his urine and put them in the tray and leave them there, do not throw them away, just watch the cat and as you see that he is going to do his business, grab this naughty and run to his tray, then do not forget to say that he is good , pet it. weeks 2 and he will get used to it. In general, an adult cat is difficult, they are character and vindictive, that is, he can deliberately crap if he is offended at you. For example, you punished him ... (with a newspaper) I had a cat for re-education, the neighbors gave it, so she got accustomed in 2 weeks, but I have a cat and I think he served as just an example.

  • We had this situation: an adult cat went anywhere, in all corners, things, shirts, slippers, everything that could be on the floor, although the house is maintained relative order. As I later realized, he did it on purpose and very well understood what he was doing. We taught him and in a good way, caressing, persuading, and in a bad way, poked his nose, scolded, even happened to get a pissed-off thing. To a cat 3 of the year, we somehow reconciled, but then a child appeared in the family and we again started to fight. I read a lot of literature, reviewed articles on the Internet and that's what we finally came up with. I did not feed him on the day, the water was constantly (he only eats dry food). The next day she landed it on a tray, stroked it, tried to persuade it in a good way. I watched that I did not get settled anywhere. And when he went to the tray, praised and poured him food (not much, zhmenku). So we went with him after each other somewhere 1 days, then he understood the chip, I began to pour more, so I ate and sometimes even just when asked. Somewhere in a week he went only to the tray and nowhere else, and I would even say that he became more affectionate and sociable, we probably began to understand each other more. And why did not I think of this before? Now I'm thinking of not teaching him how to go to the toilet and wash off after myself :-)

  • We had a similar situation. The cat got into the apartment already grown up and created everything that he wanted and where he wanted. The problem was solved with the help of a filler for the cat's toilet. He liked Cat so much. I began to go to the toilet more often than I needed and we did not have any problems with this issue. Gradually the amount of filler decreased, and the habit was already developed.

  • There are special sprays for cats. But we did this: waited until he began to huddle (they guarded him with the whole family), substituted him with a tray with sand and paper (until they filled the lock with a filler), then sand and paper were not thrown out, so that he could smell his place.

    And if you live in a private home, it's even better. A cat walking on the street will never want to write at home, on the street it is more natural for him to go to the toilet and it is more convenient, he himself will ask for help.

    Yes, even depends on the cat, there are intelligent cats, which from the first time they understand, but I am a silly person, which even though they stick a nose, they still mark on the sofa ((

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