What will be the winter if the birches for a long time do not fall leaves?

What will be the winter if the birches for a long time do not fall leaves?

  • I read all the comments, looked at all the signs on the Internet and I can look at the winter 2016 of the year, just to say the signs do not work. Perhaps this is due to climate change. In the fall of 2016, the leaves really did not fall not only on the birch, but also on other trees. The snow fell very early, and today we have a frost -30. Winter is very early and cold.

    What will be the winter if the birches for a long time do not fall leaves?

  • As my grandmother used to say harsh and cold, and the summer is hot. But now nature is not predictable, then hurricanes are like in the USA, then unbearable heat. I remember a thunderstorm in 2003 in April. So folk signs can not always coincide.

  • I heard a belief that if the birch has not yet lost its leaves in time (usually it is the beginning or middle of October), then the frosts will not happen soon.

    There is another interesting sign regarding birch leaves: if they turn yellow, starting from the top of the tree, the winter will be short, if from below, then vice versa. Also look at how the birch leaf fell: if the front side is out, then the winter will be fierce.

    If we ignore the signs, we can make the following conclusion: if the autumn is warm and humid enough, and the soil is rich in nutrients, then a wide variety of trees can make mistakes and not throw off their foliage in time for winter.

  • Nifiga, our leaves have not fallen off from a single tree, the snow fell early in early November.

  • Birch leaves in the fall begin to turn yellow from the top, in a harsh winter, from the bottom - late, and if evenly - medium.

    If at the beginning of October the leaf from the birch has not fallen, the snow will fall late.

    In October, a leaf from birch and oak does not fall together - wait for a harsh winter, together - warm, soft.

    By all indications, winter will be cold ...

  • There is such a sign: if the trees do not completely fall off the leaves during the fall of the leaves, the winter will be long and protracted. Often, it is the birch or oak that is observed.

    If the leaves turned yellow early and fell together, there will be a cold and severe winter.

    But the remaining leaves on the birch and oak portend a long winter.

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