Chinese rose, grow from a cut twig - is it possible and how?

Chinese rose, grow from a cut twig - is it possible and how?

  • A stalk or an appendix is ​​planted immediately after separation from the main plant in a pot of soil, watered and covered with a glass jar. So the process should stay about a month to settle down and start the roots. Just put in water is not recommended.

  • Yes it is possible. To be true, you can hold the shank in the solution of some growth stimulator of the root system. There are a lot of them, pick something suitable for you for the price. Then you transfer the plant to the soil, you can not wait for the roots to appear, you can do it already when the rudiments of the root system, such bumps, appear at the bottom of the cuttings. I advise you to create greenhouse conditions for the plant, you can simply place the pot with the plant in a plastic bag. Do not forget to make a few small holes in it.

  • I succeeded by placing a twig right in the ground ... but be prepared for the fact that at first the appearance of not pathetic leaves will fly around ...

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