Rose Hip Root. Where can I buy?

Rose Hip Root. Where can I buy?

  • You can buy it here! There is a telephone there. Call and they will tell you how to get and how to pay!

    Although dogrose grows literally in the field, unless you live in the tundra. You can look like a search. It can be seen in the fall of the characteristic bright red fruits. Need to find and dig. Not all is desirable. Leave a piece of the root to grow further. Now I will show you a photo of how wild rose grows in a field in the Volgograd region:

    Rose Hip Root. Where can I buy?

  • Once I was looking for the root of the larkspur, I needed a friend who had terrible trophic ulcers on his legs (someone advised him to use this plant) and oddly enough after its application the ulcers that had not healed for years dragged on for a week or two of treatment. So, closer to the topic: I never found this root in pharmacies. Found in the bazaar, we have a number in the market where grandmothers sell mainly medicinal herbs. I used to pass by, skeptical about their "business", and when it was needed, they came in handy, because I found this rare root only from them. Maybe a rosehip root, if you have a similar row in the bazaar, you will also find it. Although if you know where the bush grows, you can dig it yourself, but you definitely need to read how to prepare it, there are nuances in drying.

  • There is such an online store - "Summer-shop" ( This is a herbal pharmacy. They specialize in everything herbal and natural. There definitely is a rosehip root. A fifty-gram package of dry composition costs about 80 - 85 rubles there. You can order by mail, you can pick it up at pick-up points in Moscow. There is also a system of discounts when buying a course for a particular product. In the case of rose hips, you need to drink at least six packs.

    Rose Hip Root. Where can I buy?

    There is still an interesting shop "Russian roots" ( There a small bag (25 g) will cost 60 rubles. They have all certificates of quality and proven products. It is also possible to order by mail, you can visit retail outlets in Moscow or self-delivery points.

    Rose Hip Root. Where can I buy?

    I use the services of both stores, there have never been any delays in the delivery of goods. I order various herbs there and prepare herbal teas for immunity and ARVI in winter.

    Both the fruits and the roots of rose hips contain a lot of vitamins and tannins. Used for violations of the biliary tract, kidney disease, liver, pressure spikes. Prepare the necessary compositions can be at home.

    Rose hips at home need to be processed as follows: dig up, dry well, grind into small pieces, pour the required portion (usually take 50 - 60 g) with boiling water (2 glasses), simmer over low heat for 15 - 20 minutes. The resulting broth is insisted for 6 hours, strain through cheesecloth. Drink one quarter of a glass twice a day (preferably at the same time and 15 minutes before meals). Some people use such a decoction in the treatment of skin diseases externally (baths).

    Be healthy!

  • My mother often harvests it "rosehip roots" for the withdrawal of stones from zhlkogo bubble.

    I can say yes - in order to prepare the roots of the rose hips, you can grow the rose hips - independently on your site, if there is one, only the roots of the rose hips should be harvested in the fall, dried thoroughly, chopped and brewed.

    But in a regular pharmacy - it is very difficult to find (I was looking for it myself), but you can try to find herbs in the "Altai drugstore" or order through the online store: Altai, herbs - by mail.

    Altai Territory is more famous for medicinal and useful herbs and roots, you can undoubtedly buy from them everything you need, I recommend the site "Herbs of Altai".

    Rose Hip Root. Where can I buy?

    Be healthy!

  • There are many online stores where you can buy rose hips.

    You can buy a root of 50 g for 85 rubles in the "Leto-shop" store. They say they are in stock.

    "Green Shop" portion 100 g, stоIT from 61 rub. up to 76 rub. In addition to the root, you can buy and fruit.

    "Lektravy" 50 g stоYat 70 rubles.

    "Gift of the forest" portion 500 g stоUm 1500 rubles.

    "Herbal Pharmacy" 50 grams of rosehip root can be purchased for 80 rubles.

    You can try to dig yourself (the most), if, of course, you have a wild rose, there is a desire and strength. Dug root need to grind, pour about two glasses of water, bring to a boil. Boil need 20 minutes, then insist 2 hours and strain. Take, after a meal, three to four times a day on 100 grams of infusion obtained.

  • Rose Hip Root it is enough just to prepare oneself, although certain efforts will be required to dig up the root.

    He himself so harvested, his wife was required for appointments to patients. He took a shovel, an ax, drove a car to the suburbs, chose a place away from the roads where it was not polluted with exhaust gases. It is better to choose a bush that is not very big, chop off branches with an ax, leaving about half a meter so that it is easier to later pull out. Dig a spade bush, chopping off the roots and pull out. He shook off the ground, washed the dogrose in the bathroom at home and put it to dry.

    Then with a sharp knife with a knife, you simply plow into small pieces. Over dried root is planed very hard, it is better to do it right away.

    Rose Hip Root. Where can I buy?

    But when the root itself has been prepared, it is already sure of the quality of the material and its environmental cleanliness. Not bad before digging to read the appropriate prayer.

  • If the farm has a shovel, then it is better to prepare the rosehip root yourself. It is safer this way: you will be sure that this is a rosehip, and that grew in an ecologically clean place. And it's time to prepare the roots of the rose hips, like the roots of other plants. Rosehip is not difficult to recognize in autumn, bright berries will immediately indicate the desired bush.

    My dad's hips are washing and spinning in a fresh meat grinder. And then dries already. At this time, already include central heating, so drying is fast. Crushed roots then easier to brew, and you can make fees with the participation of these roots.

Rosehip root for joint pain

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