Who heard rooks screaming?

Who heard rooks screaming?

  • In my opinion, every person almost every day hears rooks cry, I personally hear the cries of these birds every day several times a day, because under my window there are trees on which they like to sit and shout, especially when you sleep and they start yelling like no normal , here's an example of how the rooks shout :

    Who heard rooks screaming?

  • As rooks shout, of course, heard. True, a very long time. Now in the big city they are not visible, as well as we do not see pigeons, only arrogant gulls scream everyone early in the morning. Rooks moved to large city parks, forest parks.

    Rooks croak, make sounds like "kahh" or "collapse", when aggressive - a long "kreeeh". Young rooks have a ringing perky "Rrrah" sound.

Rook makes sounds

The Rooks Have Arrived

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