Who is Dolly the sheep? What is she famous for?

Who is Dolly the sheep? What is she famous for?

  • Dolly the Sheep is known for being the first more or less successful animal cloning experiment. (At least known to the general public). But, unfortunately, her life was very short, so either it is impossible - thus, something can be seriously changed, or we need to refine our cloning methods.

  • Dolly the Sheep is the first animal to be cloned. She was a genetic copy of the donor sheep. Dolly was born on July 5, 1996. She died in 2003 (from some sources, she was euthanized). The cause of death was a progressive lung disease. Dolly gave birth to six lambs. She led a way of life quite usual for a sheep.

    Since sheep usually live 10-12 years, some scholars suggest that Dolly was born 6-year-old, so she died in old age, like many others from pneumonia.

  • Dolly the sheep has a bitter share. She was the first clone of the animal. The somatic cell nucleus was transplanted into the cytoplasm of the egg. The result promised mankind an eternity. However, Dolly began to age quickly, faster than her simple relatives. She was diagnosed with lung disease and killed. She lived Dolly 7 years.

  • Dolly the sheep is a cloned individual, it was created if I am not mistaken in 90, it made a lot of noise then, but after living it didn’t die for a long time.

  • This is the first cloned sheep. Anyway, the first clone. Dolly did not live long. She was aggressive. After it, many animals were cloned. She was a kind of pioneer in this field of research.

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