Who is Khrushch?

Who is Khrushch?

  • Khrushch is a slang (in common people) name for the May beetle, mainly found in Europe and Asia. Until the mid-50s of the 19th century, they were widespread and were pests of plants, in some years they even caused very significant damage to agriculture. They were actively poisoned with pesticides, as a result of which they disappeared from a number of countries!

  • Khrushch is one of the subfamilies of beetles, numbering about 6 000 species. Khrushchev sizes can vary from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Khrushchi belong to the scarab beetles, they also include the May beetle, which we all often meet in the spring.

    Who is Khrushch?

  • Khrushch, he is a May beetle, he is a furry, he is a barbel. There are especially many of these beetles during the cherry blossom season. Everyone knows an excerpt from the poem "Sadok cherry kolo hati, humming over the cherries ..."

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