Guinea pigs albinos are considered to be defective?

Guinea pigs albinos are considered to be defective?

  • Not true))) and what have skinny? Is that animals from mars? Skinny exactly the same guinea pig with only the remnants of hair on the nose and paws. Nothing differs from other guinea pigs.

    "Rosette" breed does not exist, so they call mestizos from different breeds with rosettes. Well, it's difficult for sellers to study more than 120 breeds))))

    If in your family there were pigs without rosettes, both of them, then babies can be born either in the mother or in the father - without rosettes. Which is what you did.

    White pigs are not the color of the eyes. It is just a strong light different color. Take a spectrum of color, any and if it is very light, you get white))) so the pig is white.

    And the black will be heavily clarified white, and red, and chocolate. But usually it is very light red.

    The birth of white piglets with red eyes means that both parents genetically carry the most lightening in the coat and eyes. And such babies from this couple will be born regularly. Do not want red-eyed - split a pair and pick up a new partner for each.

    The eye colors of the guinea pigs are numerous. Black, brown, blue, blue, dark ruby, red, pink)) Red eyes in 8 pigs shades !!! And this does not mean that mumps is an albino.

    Such animals are still allowed to breed. Especially lovers only white red-eyed. All the kids at the same time will be only white red-eyed. Just below there is no place to clarify))

    And if you reduce white red-eyed with a pig of a different color, then you can get kids any colors))

    This is my samochka, self white red-eyed with two daughters.

    Smooth-haired chocolate sable - eyes of fire (and there are such))) left and right smooth-haired golden dark-eyed with white.

    White guinea pig breed red-eyed with children

  • Why are they considered a marriage, on the contrary, all albino animals are considered "elite" in comparison with their fellows, well, except for those animals which are not uncommon to see albinos, such as a rabbit, and all the rest are a miracle of nature.

Albino guinea pig

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