Can I give the nettle to the rabbits?

Can I give the nettle to the rabbits?

  • My husband has been breeding rabbits for several years now, he said that it’s not just possible but it’s necessary to give them nettle, as it contains a lot of vitamins, and thanks to it, rabbits have increased immunity, only nettle shouldn’t be given purely, you need to cut it and crush them a little with gloved hands so that the whole thorn would be gone.

  • Giving nettles to rabbits is not just possible, but necessary. But, it is known that nettle stings. In order for the rabbits not to burn, the nettles, before giving, need to be chopped (chopped up with an ax or large knife) into small pieces (somewhere 3 centimeters or even smaller) and poured with boiling water. After the nettle has stood a little, drain the water and can be given without fear that the rabbits will burn.

    You can add bran or boiled potatoes to such steamed nettles and give such feed to rabbits. This is especially useful for lactating rabbit and young animals. It is believed that the rabbit from such feed increases the amount of milk.

    Nettle give not only fresh, e can be collected and dried for the winter. Only nettles can be harvested before the budding period.

    Can I give the nettle to the rabbits?

  • When I was little, I often stayed with my grandmother in the summer. She held rabbits. So, personally, she gave them nettles. I don’t know how they ate (I don’t remember), but the fact that they eat nettles is a fact.

  • Rabbits can be given nettle. Nettles after mowing or ripping need to be put on the sun so that she withered and dried out a bit. After that, you can safely give it to the crawls. If given fresh nettles, their digestive system may be disturbed and there may be bad consequences.

  • I would look at those people who pour nettle for rabbits with boiling water. It is simply left to dry for a day and in this form is given to rabbits. They generally do not give fresh grass. Only acacia can be given raw. And of course you can give the rabbits nettle.

  • Can. I gave. Only it is necessary to nettle before giving the rabbits a bit to hang out in the sun, well, or in the shade. And not only so to do with nettles, and with any grass (not poisonous, of course).

    Rabbits have a weak digestive system - they can be poisoned by freshly cut grass.

  • Rabbits eat nettle despite the fact that it stings. In order for nettle not to sting, it is better to prepare it in advance.

    Choose a young nettle, it is much less stinging and is quite soft and very useful. pre-chop the nettle as small as possible, pour boiling water on it and let it brew. Then drain the water and give the nettles to the rabbits. It will be tasty and healthy.

    Nettle is very useful for rabbits. Therefore, it is dried for the winter. Before you give the rabbits dry nettle, it is reanimated by soaking it in warm water and letting it stand before the direct ingestion of nettle for food.

    Can I give the nettle to the rabbits?

  • Can. We gave nettle to our rabbits, but only in spring, when there was still little grass, and nettle had already grown.

    We didn’t douse it with boiling water, but simply wither slightly so that it was sluggish - then the rabbits eat it well and don’t burn themselves.

    Many rabbit growers simply chop it up and give it, but we put it on.

  • Rabbits can be given nettle, but before that, e should to grasp. Cut the branches of the nettle and leave in a dark place on the watch 5 (you can overnight). Such nettle will no longer sting. It is also possible to pour boiling water over it, but this is an extra zamorka.

    In the nettle there is a lot of vitamin K and other useful substances that make the food ration of the rabbit balanced.

  • Nettle rabbits can be fed, and if you still make a mixture of herbs : nettle, dandelion, sow thistle, burdock and dry up these herbs, but only in the shade, then chop up smaller and give to rabbits.

    But nettles can be given before budding, when nettles have reached a height of 1 meter, it is the most useful.

    Even nettle can be harvested hay (dry nettle), and in winter and spring e can be given to young and suckling females.

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