Can adult cats / cats be taken by the collar?

Can adult cats / cats be taken by the collar?

  • I wonder how to take it under the neck? Ie for the collar is impossible, but under the neck is necessary. And kittens and adult cats can and in principle need to be taken by the scruff. And all about these damage to the muscles, people see themselves invent. They also have pets in their homes as in prisons, and they have no idea that the cats fight and the neck is the strongest section (for normal people who live willingly).

  • And if they take you by the scruff, please? That's the cat too. You don’t have to take the cats by the scruff, you can damage her neck muscles and, God forbid, the spine, because she is no longer the kitten that the mother cat wears by the scruff in her teeth. She weighs much more. and under the tum.

  • An adult cat or a cat is not recommended to take by the scruff, as they are heavy. They can be taken by hand under the neck, then it can be carried wherever you want. So do not scoff at the cat, it will forgive you.

  • Should not be doing that. Often, cats perceive this action (pulling by the scruff) as a punishment and they can take offense at you. And you will then have to smooth your guilt before the animals. And not the fact that they will forgive you. I was told about this by an acquaintance who was breeding cats, was in the club and I tend to believe her.

  • Personally, I always, if my pets mischievous somewhere (smashed something, tousled some kind of toy or furniture (adult cats can also do this), or even completely "fouled" not in the tray, then I apply this to them, but just drill them by the scruff of the neck, then poke my nose at what they have spoiled and drive it out into the street.

    So most often they already "understand" something, since I take them by the skin, they immediately shrink and in such a thin voice they say to me "I'm sorry!"

    How many times I took these beloved cats like this, but I have never harmed anything from them, but it was an excellent lesson for them that it was impossible to do this in the future and it always worked.

  • Of course, NO. Never take adult cats, cats by the scruff. When kittens are small, only their mom-cat can take them by the scruff of the collar (without harming these kittens), since their hands are not missing.

    If you take an adult, already heavy cat or a cat, you can severely damage her spine or pull her neck muscles !!

  • No, you can't - you can tear off the "scruff" ...)

    And a dog, an adult, a large breed, will not be able to take it, at least not risking being bitten by it ..)

    Weight in adult animals is not designed so that their body is carried over the fold of skin on the neck.

    The answer is no.



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