Do I need to dig sideraty for the winter?

Do I need to dig sideraty for the winter?

  • Siderata need to roll, and then plow. Rolling is done to make it easier to plow and not to drive a plow. After plowing, harrow or cultivate and sow winter crops. If the plot is prepared for sowing next spring, then you can not rush with plowing, the green mass will increase, and the green manure will damp weeds. In late autumn, when it becomes cold and the vegetation stops, produce plowing, and in the spring no longer plow, but only cultivate and sow. So you can transfer the time-consuming basic processing from spring to autumn. If you don’t plow in the fall, you will have to do it in the spring, when there is a lot of work. Autumn plowing, which is also called the rise of the zyabi, is preferable and unimportant whether there is a siderat or just a stubble. So moisture is more accumulated, pests and diseases are frozen out, and green manure gives more nutrients if they are embedded in the soil.

  • I am against digging in general, we touch our beds mainly with a flat-cutter, but green man need to be buried in the soil before winter. In your case with the help of digging. Because siderats actively improve the composition of the soil when their green biomass is eaten by worms and thus turns into humus. And the worms live in the ground, they do not crawl on the grass))). Therefore, it is necessary to deliver food to them directly to the table, that is, to close up the green manure in the soil.

  • I heard that you should not dig. Many experienced gardeners recommend simply cutting them to the root. Worms still do not eat green biomass. Only after it perepet. And it is better to overheat in the open air, because the microorganisms responsible for this process live on the surface.

    Putting green biomass into the soil, we deprive the food of surface microorganisms, violate their habitat, and do not help the underground worms because the food is not ripe for them.

Errors when working with siderates

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