To transport a cat in an intercity bus - do you need any veterinary certificates?

Carry the cat in the intercity bus - do you need any ramifications?

  • In general, according to the legislative regulation, but there is also such, such transportation of dogs and cats requires a veterinarian. The certificate is taken at the local veterinarian for 1-3 days before the trip on the basis of an external examination and the presence of vaccinations against rabies and some others, depending on the type of animal, if the animal lingers at the destination and after some time will travel back, you need to apply again on the branch of this item, so that in the certification they put the appropriate mark. But usually on such things, everyone closes their eyes and takes all the references if they go really far by train or by plane.

    These laws are designed to prevent the introduction of diseases from the district to the district, from the region to the province. Even if you think your animal is healthy, it may not be so, it may have a latent (period) illness, and it can only be determined by a veterinarian.

  • After searching for information on the Internet, that's what we managed to dig: for transportation of an animal (cats in this case) on whatever transport it is necessary to have a veterinary passport and veterinary certificate about the mandatory vaccinations passed. But this is what is prescribed by the rules, but in fact these documents are needed for a cat only when transported by rail or air. The bus is not asked, as a rule. Still, for reinsurance, it would be good to have the necessary information before a meal, of course, but in general you decide. Here are some excerpts on this topic:

    Carry the cat in the intercity bus - do you need any ramifications?

  • I think. that in this case, no information is needed. It's just that your cat must be in a special cage for transporting animals. So small, comfortable and there is plenty of air and will not interfere with passengers. If you take the cat to another country, then it seems to me that you need different certificates from the veterinarian. As for the dogs, I know for sure that without vaccinations and other documents, they will not be allowed to pass.

    Carry the cat in the intercity bus - do you need any ramifications?

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