Why hamsters squeak?

Why hamsters squeak?

  • In general, hamsters rarely publish any sounds. And since your hamster sings, it means that something bothers him. It may simply be because he lacks your attention, he is frightened or just not enough food, water. Keep it in his cell was always clean, cleaned, odorless. To always be fresh food, water, fresh sawdust. If you just bought a hamster, then he can squeak because he has not yet got used to a new place and because of this he is ill. Try to pay more attention to it, homemade hamsters are very clever animals, they quickly get used to people, to the smell, the voice of the owner. And if you give him more attention, he will stop squeaking. For example, I had a hamster, I never heard him squeal. Probably everyone was pleased.

  • I very often had to hear the "squeaks" of hamsters before. These useless animals constantly demand attention. At home, not where they are bred for meat (more on that here).

    Hamsters squeal because they don't always speak their language. Yes, they don't really know what is their language and what is "it should be". It pinches the muscles of the larynx on nervous stress, the vocal cords thicken, and a squeak similar to a whistle is obtained. At me they "squeak" for all sports competitions, for all political news, and for the weather (strange, but the weather interests them in different regions, for every day, much forward; while the countries, but this is not the limit). They love to watch TV.

    For my hamsters, I practice the following prevention of "beeping":

    • internally 90% solution of Aseptoline (drip into the mouth, according to 2 cube per primer, diluted with water 1: 2, six times a day)
    • Acetylsalicylic acid for dilution of blood (half a tablet twice a day), crushed with water, pipetted through the anus, type of enema.

    And they no longer squeak. They even have, as a "side effect", reduced sexual desire, start to confuse males with females.

    But on the other hand: "DO NOT FEEL!".

    PS If someone does not agree with my methods, so is his right. Let your hamsters treat their own methods. And who forbids me to use my? True truth, true truth, so I do, personal experience.

    Complaints on the answer I consider a violation of my right to personal opinion. I do not violate the Rules of the Project. Usually hamsters are used as laboratory material, and in Latin America they are eaten on an industrial scale.

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