Why can not yucca bloom?

Why can not yucca bloom?

  • It's hard to say why there is a color next to it, but yours is not. I also planted two bushes - one bloomed in the same year, and the other, side by side, after 3. Just leave your bushes alone - loosen, do not overmoisten, do not fertilize, check that they do not dry out - after all, the bush does not like humid air, and make sure that moisture does not get on the trunk from the leaves - an extra potential source of decay is not needed. And one more thing - going into winter - do not bind with a bunch, fertilize in autumn and early spring. And do not worry - if you do not "torture" with unnecessary care - your yucca will bloom.

  • And I have yucca, completely unexpected for me, blossomed last summer.

    Why unexpected? Because the plant was bought on the market from an unverified seller and was planted in early spring, when it was still pretty cool.

    Acquired plant is properly called yucca filamentous (Yucca filamentos). It has green sword-shaped leaves with threads hanging from them.

    Contrary to rather pessimistic expectations, by mid-July the yucca threw out the arrow, which I did not immediately notice. Then the arrow grew, became powerful, and then covered completely with numerous large white bell-shaped flowers. Indescribable beauty!

    Particularly pleased that by the fall around the plant there were several children, which I plan to separate from the maternal outlet in the spring, thus creating a small nursery from yucca.

    Why does not bloom yucca?

    Analyze the growing conditions of the plant in your area.

    Yucca - the plant is very thermophilic, loves well-lit sunny places, moderate watering, good drainage and periodic feeding. If everything is so, then you should check whether the central kidney is buried.

    Yucca is called the tree of happiness. I assure you, flowering garden yucca charges us so positively that you truly feel like a happy person!

    Here it is mine tree of happiness, In his best!



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