Why is strawberry so called?

Why is strawberry so called?

  • It's simple, in the old days, words were formed without any tricks. So it is with strawberries. Strawberries - sinking to the ground!

  • It seems to me because the berries of this plant are inclined to the ground. The earth is understandable, and "nika" is to bend, stretch

  • Name of forest scented berries Strawberries literally means "earthen berry". Ripe berries often just lie on land. Other names of wild berries are also formed according to the same type: boneberry, blueberry, blueberry.

  • The old Russian word STRAWBERRY meant a berry, the fruits of which are low inclined to the ground, spread along it. Then C was replaced by K, and the berry received the modern name, but the etymology is visible when morphologically parsing the word:

    EARTH-NIK-A, where NIK-suffix denoting the feminine gender.

  • Due to the fact that the berries are close to the ground

Strawberry seedlings. 20 days after the pick.

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