How many years does a pug live?

How many years does a pug live?

  • Dogs of the pug breed live about 12-15 for years. But it is with good care. These are calm dogs that are well suited for lonely seniors. Yes, and in the family with the kids they will also be comfortable.

    But this breed has genetic diseases that can shorten their life. Just as in humans, obesity does not help to increase the duration of life. In addition, these cute little dogs in the family have epilepsy, breathing problems (due to their head structure) and encephalitis.

    How many years does a pug live?

  • With good care - about 12 years, maybe even more, it's all quite individual. These dogs have certain health difficulties - a shortened muzzle, so the heat is hard to endure, and the cold threatens with malnutrition. Plus, dogs tend to be overweight - and those owners who do not follow this shorten their dog's eyelids.

  • These funny little dogs do not live very much. In general, the life span of an average pug is only 12-14 years. There are, of course, exceptions, and one dog of this breed has lived for more than sixteen years. The duration of a pug’s life is influenced by how much love and care it receives from its owner.

    How many years does a pug live?

  • Pugs live for more than ten years, sometimes 8-9, rarely up to 15 years. This breed is prone to obesity, they love to eat, eat everything, so there may be health problems. The acquaintances of pug Zhorik, he is now 8 years old, and he is vigorous, being cared for as a child, will live the same amount.

  • The average lifespan of a pug is just 12-14 years old. During this time, pugs grow old and can no longer continue to live in this world. Maximum pug can live 17 years. My acquaintance pug lived almost 12 years.

  • The average age of a pug's life does not differ in principle from other dogs of small breeds and lasts about twelve to fourteen years.

    But there are pugs that are long-livers, and an example is such a dog that was entered - in the Russian Book of Records. She was then sixteen and a half years old.


    It happens that a dog can be susceptible to a disease and then her life can be shortened. Special attention should be paid to their obesity. A dog needs to move more, play, eat right, it needs the love of the owners, to whom it is strongly attached.

    The pug loves children, especially babies. The master's proper care for the pug will ensure his long life.

  • Decorative Chinese dog breed PUG has an average life expectancy equal to 12-14 years. In the Guinness Book of Records there is information about a dog named Martin, who is considered a long-liver among dogs of this breed. He lived 16 for years 7.

    The lifespan of course depends on the conditions in which the dog lives.

  • Dogs pugs, in size usually not particularly larger than the usual domestic cat. And such dogs live usually around 15 years, plus or minus a couple of years, with good and proper nutrition and animal care.

  • 13-15 years old. I do not hide it - I googled it. And what turns out to be - If I (and probably I'm not the only one) always believed that a dog lives for 14 years well +/- 1, now I learned that there are dog breeds that live only 7-8 years. But lapdogs turned out to be long-livers of 18-20 years.

    How many years does a pug live?

  • Pugs live for a long time (comparatively) 12-15 years, no more, about exceptions probably there is no point in writing.

    The muzzle of the pugs is so arranged that it is difficult for them to breathe, maybe this is not associated with such a long life expectancy. By the way, and similar to the structure of the muzzle of the breed of dogs are also not long-lived (bulldogs, Boxing and so on).



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