How many years live mussels?

How many years live mussels?

  • Mussels are unique clams. Adult mussels can be 5 cm in size, or 20 can be in cm. They can have different shell shapes. Mussels have a different lifespan. Mussels living in the Pacific Ocean live for about 30 years, in the Black Sea for about 6 years, and northern mussel is up to 12 years.

    How many years live mussels?

    How many years live mussels?

  • How many years live mussels?

    Since ancient times, bivalve mollusks have been an important part of the diet of the inhabitants of the coastal areas of the seas and oceans.

    In the photo - a settlement of mussels-bivalve mollusks, entrenched on a rocky bottom.

    In Russia, mussels are mined in the Black Sea and in the Sea of ​​Japan in the Far East. In recent decades, mussel farms have been created on these seas, as well as on the Barents and White seas, where mussels are grown to 2-s summer in special containers that are inaccessible to predators.

    The greatest damage to mussel settlements is caused by a predatory gastropod mollusk - rapana, which was brought on the hull of ships

    from the Sea of ​​Japan to the Black Sea and due to the lack of natural enemies, its population has grown on a large scale.

    Despite the fact that the shell of mussels is quite strong, at a young age they are eaten by starfish, crabs, rays, octopus, walruses, various fish, sea otters and other marine inhabitants.

    A certain negative impact on the survival rate of mussels is exerted by man through his activity, polluting the surface and waters of the coastal areas of the seas with oil films, garbage, and contaminating the bottom with muddy poisonous drains.

    In addition to being eaten, mussels are a source of valuable materials - mother of pearl, purple and precious pearls.

    Like other living organisms, mussels are susceptible to diseases, they are infected by viruses, bacteria, parasites.

    Taking into account all these factors, it is clear that some part of mussels simply do not live to old age.

    Scientists - ichthyologists, examining large fished mussel shells, determined that

    Black Sea mussel live up to 6 - 8 years old,

    North - up to 10 - 12 years, and Pacific up to 30 years and more.

    The mussel shell grows throughout the life of the mollusk, and annual growth rings are formed on its surface. By the number of these rings and the layers at the shell section, you can quite accurately determine the age of the mussel.

    In the Guinness Book of Records, scientists from Wales have recorded a record for the longevity of a relative of the mussel - the bivalve

    mollusk Arctica Islandica, which was caught off the coast of Scotland and who lived 220 years.

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