How many young fishes give birth to guppies, what size, how to grow?

How many young fishes give birth to guppies, what size, how to grow?

  • The number of "children" depends on the age of the female and her size - from 10 in a young primiparous female to 100 in an adult, large female.

    Growing does not require much effort - the most important thing is to protect the fry from the cannibalistic tendencies of their congeners. The easiest way to do this is by placing the female for spawning in a separate aquarium (jar) and removing it immediately after spawning the fry. Well, then - we feed and wait until they grow up.

  • It all depends on the age and size of the female. Sometimes in a young female, as a rule, fry are born no more than 15 pieces. But there are also such cases that a large mature female has few fry. There is evidence that a female guppy is capable of sweeping fry up to 150, but these are rare cases. Newborn fry are best fed live very small feeds. Rotifers for example. On live willow feeds in clean water, fry grow twice as fast.

  • The number of fry guppies born is directly proportional to the age and size, and the conditions of keeping are also strongly influenced. The first spawning in small healthy females of dates is 10-20 fry, in large - 20-30. The second mark can bring up to 40-50 fry, the third - up to 70-100. The maximum fertility is 180 fry.

    From one fertilization in a female guppy, up to 6-11 litters can be born, the frequency of labels in good conditions is 1-2 months.

    If the fry do not represent special breeding value, then they can be left in a common aquarium (if they have something to hide there, especially in fluffy algae and vegetation floating on the surface), some of them will be eaten by adult fish, but some will survive, or plant them into a separate container and feed with ordinary dry food, rubbing it into a fine powder.

    For the first 3-5 days, pedigree guppy fry are fed around the clock (4-5 times a day, by the third week of life - 3 times a day), the light is not turned off. The best food during this period is live food ("live dust", rotifers, cyclops, brine shrimp nauplii), a possible replacement is specialized dry food for fry. Grown young growth is given plant feeding.

    In the absence of feed, yogurt, yolk, omelet, milk powder, and crushed cheese are consumed.

    In the 3-5 months, the fry become sexually mature.

  • Guppies are viviparous fish, fry are born pieces according to 10-20 and the size is somewhere 4-5mm. They immediately hide in algae and they can not always be counted, especially since if you do not have time to get away from their parents, they will quickly devour them. Therefore, it is better to immediately, as soon as you notice that the female guppy has lost weight, start looking for fry in the algae and plant them in a separate aquarium. You can feed them with special food for fry, but I remember we also gave an egg yolk, crushed in water in a small suspension

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