How much does the bee family cost?

How much does the bee family cost?

  • How many bees in the family do not know. A lot ..) A family is a ready-to-go swarm that includes a queen, worker bees and drones. Price depends on the breed of bees. Steppe cheaper, Russian expensive, the most expensive mountain bees. Accordingly, the price can vary from 3-4 thousand. And to 18-20 thousand.

  • Yes, the price of a bee family will vary from the breed and from the region. We have one family in the 5 area of ​​thousands of rtblay. Similarly, insects in the family at different times, different amounts. In the spring there may be a couple of thousands, in the summer there may be 100 and more than thousands, and by the fall 30 thousands. Here is the range in the family and prices.

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