How much do Labrador puppies cost?

How much do Labrador puppies cost?

  • Labrador puppies cost from about 7000-30000 depending on age, color, paperwork or not, pedigree or not! If the parents are titled, then this puppy will be a little more expensive! I have not seen anywhere cheaper than 7000 rubles, without documents at least 7000. This is at the moment!

  • The cost of a Labrador puppy can vary from 5 to 50 thousand rubles and even higher.

    What influences the price?

    1. Having a pedigree. Puppies with a pedigree are much more expensive, but it is the pedigree that guarantees the dog's pedigree, its quality, and health.

    2. Titles of parents, grandparents, etc.

    3. The presence or absence of marriage. If a puppy has some signs, according to which it does not correspond to the breed (but at the same time, marriage does not threaten the health and life of the dog, for example, an incorrect bite), such a dog is sold cheaper.

    4. Puppy age. A puppy over 6 months old with excellent pedigree is likely to cost less than a 2-3 month old baby.

    5. Floor. As a rule, males are more expensive. This is due to the high demand for them.

    6. Renown, eminence of the cattery. Puppies from reputable breeders will cost more.

    7. Location. In the capital and large cities, prices for puppies are usually higher.

    Those who want to buy a Labrador puppy should first of all decide what the dog is for. Those who need a dog for family and home, those who are not very interested in exhibitions, titles and dog breeding, there is no point in looking for a titled puppy from famous parents. And vice versa. Those who are interested in a Labrador puppy from good titled parents will be able to purchase it for no less than 20-25 thousand rubles.

  • Fortunately (for Labradors) the fashion for Labradors has declined and now you can simply take them into good hands. A puppy of 4-5-6 months with an excellent pedigree from titled parents can be purchased for 5-6 thousand (up to 10).

    Over the past year, there were 22 retrievers (of all types) refuseniks in the Samara (the city can be confused - but in this case it is not important) shelter.

    I am engaged in canis therapy and we have opened a center for special children. They asked to help pick up the dogs - I wrote only on one local forum - they offered 2 in 7 days! adults, all except one with a pedigree, all were tested, two of them passed OKD.

    BUT - a super-duper, stunning labre is sold for more than one thousand euros. But you hardly need one.

  • I will reveal the secret. The older the puppy, the cheaper it is. This is despite the investment in it. They grow and eat more and more and actually "eat themselves". Therefore, hanging puppies are sometimes even given away for the puppies born.

    And on the quality of the dog. The price can vary from 5 tr. up to 2 thousand dollars.

    But 70 thousand dogs are rarely born. Increasingly, 10-20 thousand rubles.

  • In addition to the above, in my opinion, it is worth dwelling in a little more detail on the cost of a Labrador puppy, depending on color.

    The cheapest one will cost you to buy a dog of white or, more precisely, a fawn color - about $ 100, a black one - about $ 300, and the price of puppies of this breed of a rare chocolate color can reach 10000 USD.

    Nevertheless, there are no rules without exceptions, and while searching for an answer to this question, several times I came across advertisements for the sale of Labrador retrievers "with documents and excellent pedigree" for a symbolic price of 10-100 UAH.

    And yet, if you want to buy a truly purebred puppy, then you should not look for a future pet on the Internet or in the poultry market, but it is best to contact a special eminent nursery.

    Labrador dog breed.

  • I was recently offered a Labrador puppy for 7 rubles, but without documents.

    And my son bought a puppy of this breed for 15 rubles. The fact that it is so cheap because the puppy's parents with documents, but did not make documents for the puppies and did not brand them. Now the son himself makes the documents for him.

    A labrador puppy with documents costs at least 30 rubles, and if the parents are winners of exhibitions, then all 000 rubles.

  • The cost of a Labrador puppy depends on several factors: age, pedigree, color. It is clear that without a pedigree (documents) this puppy will not cost a lot of money - today a puppy without documents can be purchased for 5-8 thousand rubles. With documents it is much more expensive - from 15 thousand rubles to 50. If the Labrador is still with medals, then the prices for it will be the highest - up to 2 thousand dollars. Also, the color of the dog affects the price. For example, the chocolate color is most appreciated. In the world, the prices for such a puppy are about 10 thousand dollars.

  • I will reveal a terrible secret: the Labrador easily adapts to a change of owner. therefore, if you are not fundamentally about the pedigree, etc. - you can take the loss for free.

  • The price of Labrador puppies, as well as puppies of other breeds, depends on a number of factors influencing the price: the presence of a pedigree, titles of the puppy's parents, the puppy's exterior, its health,

    who is the breeder and the gender of the puppy.

    Therefore, the price can range from $ 100 to $ 500.

  • Prices for puppies are different everywhere, as a rule, prices can be divided into two groups: puppies with and without documents. The price difference can be up to 50 percent. Also, prices differ for puppies with documents, depending on the parents of the puppy. If the parents are champions then the prices for puppies are higher. Well, it depends a little on the city, if you put a search on ads on an ad site throughout Russia, then prices in different cities will differ slightly.

    A labrador puppy without documents costs an average of 10 thousand rubles, and about twenty with documents.

Choosing the breed of dog that suits you.

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