Is it advantageous to keep rabbits?

Is it advantageous to keep rabbits?

  • I shield earn on rabbits difficult. 20 rabbits eat as much as 1 cow but they have tasty meat, and you can earn a little on the skins. You can sell meat, but then I do not recommend buying expensive pork or veal. Keep the rabbits for the sake of business I do not advise, the salary is not large.

  • it depends on how you look. If you want to eat meat, then 100% is not worth rabbits.

    You need to know what animals are for. In general, think about what you need - meat, fur, skins, eggs, milk, maybe something else, but the brain is a little tired in the evening. Personally, I advise you to have geese. Of course, you can start with chickens, but chickens bring less useful! Take geese, here are both meat and eggs. These individuals eat little, more benefit to you, in our time. Take it without hesitation.

  • To some extent profitably.

    • meat. This is the main that will generate income;
    • the skin is a penny.

    Rabbits characterized by rapid growth, fecundity.

    But at the same time it painstaking business.

    To keep the rabbits, you need to prepare for their cages.

    Every year, stock up on hay, grain (oats, wheat, corn, barley), cereals (milled cereals), and compound feed. Vegetable crops (beets, carrots, zucchini), fruits (apples, pears) are useful for rabbits. Rabbits are rodents. Therefore, they need vitamins and nutrients. In spring and summer, the main food is field green food: alfalfa, clover, sainfoin. And also meadow, steppe herbs: wormwood, tansy, yarrow, etc. You also need to know which herbs are poisonous to rabbits: thistle, celandine, hemlock and others. You can give rabbits leaves of trees: birch, apple, poplar, pear, cherry, etc.

    In the autumn-winter period, the main forage is hay. To procure or buy on your own, which is not cheap.

    The rabbits are fed according to the schedule and time. Adults - 2 times a day. Young growth - 3 times. They should always have water.

    You need to know how to deal with rabbits and when. The main male should always sit in a separate cage. And to him already throw a female.

    Pull out baby rabbits from the female months in 2. Share in the cells of females and males.

    It is best to change the 1 male in the 2 year for mating.

    And the most important thing! Disease. Tympania, bronchitis, coccidiosis, stomatitis, staphylococcus, pasteurellosis. Many of them are deadly and difficult to treat. Therefore, first of all, prevention and disinfection. To clean the cells more often, to disinfect them. Immunization of animals.

    Pasteurellosis mows rabbits quickly, one by one. If they perish, they perish at all who hold the rabbits. Such is the infection. It so happens that for several years it does not exist, and then it appears. Like a plague epidemic.

    So there are many nuances. I tried to describe as much as possible, because I know a little about it - parents keep rabbits.

    Is it advantageous to keep rabbits?

  • It is beneficial to keep rabbits if you know all the intricacies of raising them. For beginners, this can be unprofitable in the sense that rabbits are very whimsical to care for and often die from various diseases or malnutrition. My grandfather kept rabbits for many years and still lost them in whole broods from time to time. But you can make good money on meat - a rabbit is several times more expensive than chicken.

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