Did you feel as if you were asleep and realize that you are in a dream?

Did you feel as if you were asleep and realize that you are in a dream?

  • Previously, in a dream, he knew how to change the environment ..) I saw a threat to life, knowing that it was a dream, jumped from a bridge, rushed somewhere under attack and woke up .. Later, on the contrary, went ahead. Let it be a wild beast, horror from a movie, etc., etc. Woke up as a winner with a smile)). I often fly, took off to the skies .. later I decided to fly into space, but thinking that there was no oxygen in space, I returned so as not to wake up. Like this.

  • Clearly understanding and managing sleep is a lucid dreaming technique. This can be achieved. There are many sleep management techniques in the literature. Search for Lucid Dreaming (OS). Quite an exciting practice turns out to be 😉

    The easiest way to get the OS is to set the alarm half an hour before the required wake-up time. Turn off the alarm and plunge into a light sleep, where dreaming is easy to control.

    By the way, after such practice, a person wakes up quite energized. Try it.

  • It happens sometimes. It is as if the memory that I fell asleep on my couch, I am now at home, strikes my head, and the fact that I am in some incomprehensible place with incomprehensible people and in general in a strange situation is a dream. This thought unties my hands (in a dream, of course). It's a pity that this rarely happens to me.

  • Yes, it's very exciting, the OS is kind of a different world. I have a very rich imagination, and I'm not afraid of this word - vulgar. I am 19 years old, but I am still a "girl". But this does not prevent me from doing whatever I want in a dream. In one of the OS, I immediately realized that in a dream and began to act. It began with the fact that I was in some kind of cafe in about the XNUMXth century in Chicago, (books and films I loved were used) where the mafia and smugglers, uuuh. This time, I naturally started from the already passed stage, changed my pajamas to a red dress. Everything went according to plan, I went to the table and started talking to a handsome "dangerous guy with a barrel" 😀 But let's not go into details of what happened next, let's just say I fucked him. I know you’ll think that I’m a sick woman with a dejected psyche, but the point is that in my life I would not have done this, in a dream a second self, as it were, wakes up, a hidden one. I also felt all the delights of sex, although I never had it. I also practice astral, also a good thing, I advise you to read it, it is much better than any OS.

  • It was 2 times. Alone in childhood, wasted it in the stupidest way. Another time about a year ago, in this I gave free rein to desires hidden from those around me! About 5 minutes in total, but I remember it for a long time.

    There are special devices - blindfolds. You get dressed and fall asleep. And they determine when you are in REM sleep and give some kind of conditioned signal (light or sound). After some habit, you can realize that you are asleep. If you look in the internet for the words "lucid dreams", then it is quite possible to find.

  • Yes, it was, mainly in childhood, now such an unusual state is very rarely manifested. I noticed that while realizing that this is a dream, when it ends and then, waking up, I begin to think and analyze what I saw (realized).

    When this happens, in most cases I am glad, because for some reason it manifests itself more often in not the best dreams and I know that this is a dream, not reality, and it becomes easier (in a dream). Maybe because I don't want to believe that this is reality - probably.

  • I literally had such a dream today. In lucid dreams I do whatever I like, there will be no consequences! But unfortunately, these dreams are extremely rare ...

  • Yes, sometimes. For some reason, it becomes funny to me then, both in a dream and in reality, and I wake up smiling or even laughing a little, and for a couple of seconds I cannot understand what is happening. Then I remember everything, smile at these memories. And I fall asleep again.

  • Yes, it was. A dream is dreaming, but I realize that it is a dream. There is a version that if in a dream you understand that this is a dream, it means that you are not sleeping deeply, not soundly. With your brains you realize that you are in a dream. That is, you don't fall asleep completely, you don't "forget."

  • Having guessed in a dream that all you see is a dream ... you can become a director, screenwriter and actor of your dream. The impression is unforgettable, and upon waking up, the feeling of one's own power, strength, some new unknown possibilities remains. Having experienced this once by chance, I really wanted it this way. I figured out a way for myself. The task in a dream is to realize that you are sleeping, and then act! (to whom I told everyone they smiled strangely, thanks for not twisting a finger to my temple) but I did it. Every day I asked myself the question "Am I now in a dream or in reality?" and came up with a test - if I can take off now, then this is a dream (in a dream I can always fly), if I cannot take off, then I am in reality. And every time after this question, I easily pushed myself off the surface. Having accustomed myself to such an everyday question and answer (it took about a month), I began to ask myself the same question in a dream. And once, having pushed off, it hung in the air .... DELIGHT !!! I almost woke up with joy.

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