Do you know who and why invented women's panties?

Do you know who and why invented women's panties?

  • Hmm, there were no questions about cowards yet. My grandmother told me that when she was little, they didn't have panties as such. When they wanted to pee, they got up in a pose and did their thing. When I got older, they wore a bandage, a rag, which was changed during the "red days". From there, for convenience, panties may have originated. Interestingly, babies simply cut a large hole in their pants so that they would not get dirty.

  • It's no secret that until the 16th century, women in Europe did just fine without such a wardrobe element as underwear. The situation changed radically in the first half of the 16th century, namely with the appearance of Catherine de Medici in the history of France. Young Catherine, who was married to Henry of Orleans, was not distinguished by her beauty. Her only advantage was her graceful figure and slender legs. She was married at the age of 14, the newly-made husband immediately after the wedding was carried away by the favorite Diana de Poitiers. Certainly, the Medici's pride was deeply hurt. In order to at least somehow surpass her rival, she came up with a special way of riding in the saddle. She threw one leg over the horn and rode like this. On such trips, she managed to show others not only her legs, but also something higher. This is what caused the creation of pantaloons, which were obliged to wear all women. Such a decree was met with great resonance in society, because men are accustomed to women's availability, so to speak. Here's what I read about this.

  • Do you know who and why invented women's panties?

    The first women's panties were knickers. They became widespread at the end of the XNUMXth and beginning of the XNUMXth centuries and did not bear much resemblance to modern underwear. The championship in wearing pantolones is attributed to Catherine de Medici. This is due to her manner of riding a horse and the need to cover intimate places at the same time. Over time, the styles of women's panties have changed. They are smaller and more convenient. Panties have become part of the life of every woman.

  • Something tells me that the appearance of women's panties in their modern form is associated with Coco Chanel. I think it was his invention. Yes, and the time coincides: the beginning of the twentieth century, emancipation, cropped dresses, knitwear ... Finally, the famous "little black dress" from Chanel, under which you cannot wear pantaloons. 🙂

  • Actually, such a concept as "women's panties" (or "women's panties") appeared only in 1924.

    Do you know who and why invented women's panties?

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