What does the expression "The king is dead, long live the king!" Mean?

What does the expression "The king is dead, long live the king!" Mean?

  • Well, in my understanding, the quote "The King is dead" This is the fact that he lost fame, as in our time they say he lost his reputation and his rating among the people, And the quote "Yes Hello, the King" seems to me like congratulations to the king after, for example, a successful battle or his defense cities, maybe these expressions mean something else, but my opinion is this

  • This means that there was a king, they killed the king, put a new king and everything fell into its own circle - Long live the new king.

  • The bottom line is that there should not even be temporary anarchy. King such and such died, long live King such and such. This was one announcement. In order not to allow the announcement of another king in the period of anarchy. And to prevent the possibility of unleashing a struggle for power. in the Soviet Union, when the general secretary, the head of state died, the future leader of the USSR became the chairman of the funeral commission, who made all the decisions.

  • The king is dead, long live the king! Where the word King died, it means the previous king died - and where Long live the king! They solemnly congratulate the new king. That is, even if the king died, a new king came.

  • Le roy e mort, viv le roy! - this is a phrase that in France in the Middle Ages announced to the people about the death of the king and the beginning of the reign of the new sovereign. This ritual phrase emphasized the continuity of the dynasty. Nowadays, the expression is often used in an ironic sense when they want to say that the authorities change, but the order remains the same.

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