What to give to someone who has everything?

What to give to someone who has everything?

  • That is why now "gifts-impressions" are so popular - "magic boxes" with a set of certificates, among which the birthday person can choose what is closer to him: either to jump with a parachute, or to go to the sauna.

  • I often ask myself this question. And I came to the conclusion that such people need to give impressions. For example, we once presented such a person with a certificate, where you can choose from several experiences (shooting at a shooting range, parachuting, etc.). I think this is the only thing that will surprise and delight such people.

  • There is an opportunity to give such an extraordinary gift with a hidden beautiful meaning, like a book about yourself to a person! And illustrated with his own photographs! Such a gift can be made to a man, woman, child or couple in love, and all this on one site! Orders are accepted via the Internet, the book is sent by mail to the address. It looks like this:

    What to give to someone who has everything?

    What to give to someone who has everything?

    And for the links - in a personal! You can even order a cartoon there.

  • And sometimes there is something like that! An oligarch, or something ... And nothing to surprise ... Then give him a "fragment of childhood" - then he did not have everything!

  • Such a thing cannot exist anyway, so that a person has everything. Therefore it is better give something more original. Of course, you can't give a palace, but you can still think of it.

    Now custom-made gifts are very much appreciated. For example, any person will be very pleased to receive his portrait as a gift.

    A book from a series of gift editions will also be a great gift.

    A gift certificate to a store or beauty salon is also a good gift.

    If a gift needs to be made to a loved one, then you can give him a wonderful and memorable day + a little attention and love. Go or go somewhere, unwind.

  • Choosing a gift for a person who has everything is very problematic. And obviously the donor has less funds for the gift than the gifted one. You can give a certificate for any kind of entertainment, the benefit of such offers on the Internet is the sea. Or maybe this person can just give his visit and some alcohol. Depends on the relationship between them.

  • Why give to someone who has everything? Call and congratulate him. Present to someone who doesn't have much. He will be glad!

  • There is one idea. A gift for children, teenagers, and even adults will be interesting.Look here

  • From my own experience. I have everything that my friends could afford to give to anyone. Therefore, on my last birthday, I became the owner of a picture painted with my own hand by a lovely young lady. This is new and valuable. I didn’t have any pictures, let alone this one.

  • Money attracts money. Even if a person has everything, no one will ever refuse a monetary gift that has a beneficial effect on well-being. Say, let him create a continuous cash flow at home or in the workplace by hanging a money symbol in the form of a panel there.

    It is believed that such a money panel helps to attract good luck and improve well-being. Along with the gift, give him all this information and let the person rejoice.

    What to give to someone who has everything?

  • Well, such a person should be given something global, for example the whole world or a star in the sky. You can donate a certificate for a plot of the surface of another planet. And you can give nothing, except the best wishes.

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